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High On Life DLC release date window, High on Knife gameplay

Find out when the High On Life DLC release date is so you can experience the next adventure with Knifey by your side and no one else.

High On Life DLC Release Date: a enemy figure can be seen

When is the High On Life DLC release date? High On Life is getting some DLC. After an incredibly successful launch in 2022, High On Life has made a name for itself, and its unique tone and fun, arcadey gameplay sets the stage for an exciting shift with the DLC: High On Knife.

This DLC is forgoing the light-hearted silly nature of the base game and instead delivering an intense horror experience. But, it won’t be too scary, according to Squanch Games. You can still expect some of the trademark High On Life humor too if you have played the game from the Xbox Game Pass games list.

High On Life DLC release date window

The High On Life (High On Knife) DLC release date is Fall 2023 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, as confirmed on the Xbox Wire. The DLC will not be available on Game Pass, and you will need to purchase it to experience everything it offers.

High On Life DLC gameplay

The High On Life DLC (High On Knife) gameplay is a big shift, opting for a horror tone. The developers on the Xbox Wire describe it as ““I may never sleep again,” levels of terror, but definitely on the “My dreams are going to be broken for a while,” end of things. Think body horror, but you start off with a horrible body and it gets even more horrible. You’ll have to trust us on that for now,” in typical Squanch Games fashion.

You can watch the teaser trailer below:

YouTube Thumbnail

High On Life DLC story

The High On Life DLC story picks up two years after High On Life ended. Everything is going smoothly until Knifey gets a package from his home, and it appears that that is where the DLC picks off. On the Xbox Wire, the developers confirm that two of a selection of new guns are also being added to the game with this DLC.

B.A.L.L. is a pinball-like gun while Harper is a more traditional weapon.

That covers what you need to know ahead of the High On Life DLC release date. If you haven’t picked up the game yet, check out our High On Life review and if you are playing use our High On Life walkthrough to help you out throughout the story!