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Is Hi-Fi Rush multiplayer?

Find out if Hi-Fi Rush is multiplayer with an overview of the methods of play in the game and if it is a solitary experience or not.

Hi-Fi Rush Multiplayer: Chai can be seen holding a weapon

Hi-Fi Rush caught everyone’s eye during the Xbox Developer Direct in January 2023. But, what kind of game is it? Can you play alone? Can you play with friends on the couch? Is Hi-Fi Rush multiplayer?

Below you can find the answer as well as get a look at the game in action if you want to relive the awesome kaleidoscopic, colourful visuals and rhythm-based action in the game. And, if it catches your eye, whether it has multiplayer or not, then you can play it through Hi-Fi Rush on Game Pass, adding to the already big library of Game Pass games.

Is Hi-Fi Rush multiplayer?

Hi-Fi Rush is not a multiplayer or co-op game. It is a single-player experience only with a story campaign for you to work your way through as you take down the evil corporate bosses that run the corporation you are trying to bring down.

In the game, you play as Chai and use his unique powers to feel the rhythm of the world and strike with the beat to power up your attacks. Each level you progress through in the game will then end with a boss fight where you engage in a spectacle-filled showdown alone. You can watch the reveal trailer for it below:

YouTube Thumbnail

So, while Hi-Fi Rush is not built with multiplayer in mind, there is an exciting combat experience waiting here for you. If you do want to check the game out, read up on everything you need to know now that the Hi-Fi Rush release date is here.