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Halo Infinite Winter Update release time approaches for Forge fanatics

Players are looking forward to the Halo Infinite Winter Update release time as the big update introduces Forge mode, campaign co-op, and much more

Halo Infinite Winter Update release time: A Spartan in yellow armor aims a sniper rifle

The Halo Infinite Winter Update release time is just around the corner. While it’s not technically plugging a gap between the end of Season 2 and the delayed Season 3, its importance cannot be understated as 343 looks to resurrect Halo Infinite with new content, long-requested improvements, and of course Forge mode.

Halo Infinite Forge has already produced hundreds of remarkable creations from both players accessing a leaked version of the mode and from 343’s official Forge Council. This includes the new arena maps coming to Halo Infinite multiplayer, which have both been made in Forge rather than in the 343 lab.

As well as Forge, there will be the launch of campaign co-op, a new battle pass, and a new XP system that will be a bit more generous than the stingy system Halo Infinite currently has. All of this could turn the tide for the declining shooter, but when exactly does the Winter Update drop?

The Halo Infinite Winter Update release time is expected to be at 11am PST/ 2pm EST/ 7pm GMT on Tuesday, November 8. While the exact time is yet to be confirmed by 343, this has been when previous updates in Halo Infinite have dropped and it’s expected to be the same this time around.

It may not be a new season by name, but the Winter Update could be the injection of life Halo Infinite needs. With all the assets and tools of Forge mode, it’ll also be amazing to see players’ imaginations run wild.

For those players that love climbing the Halo Infinite ranks, there are also some improvements to matchmaking, skill ratings, and much more.