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Halo Infinite Winter Update’s two new maps are Forge masterpieces

The 2022 Halo Infinite Winter Update adds two new maps to multiplayer, and both were created in Forge, which officially launches in beta with the update

Halo Infinite Winter Update: A spartan in purple armor sits with their elbow leaning on their leg

The Halo Infinite Winter Update is arriving on November 8, and 343 has given us a more detailed look at what’s included after the reveal of its roadmap earlier this year. As well as also being the release date for Halo Infinite campaign co-op and the beta for Halo Infinite Forge, the Winter Update is also adding lots of new multiplayer content too.

As well as a brand new (and free) 30-tier battle pass, Halo Infinite multiplayer is getting two new maps as well – but these have not been made by the devs at 343. With Forge’s beta going live in the Winter Update, what better advertisement for it than to add two Forge-created maps into multiplayer.

The two maps are Argyle, which features a massive, long open courtyard that looks like a sniper’s dream, and Detachment, which includes Halo Infinite’s first teleporter in a multiplayer map.

343 also confirms that Match XP is coming with the Winter Update, and says that this new XP system (which awards you XP simply for playing matches, rather than slogging through challenges as is currently the way) will help you progress through battle passes quicker.

There are also two themed events coming up – Winter Contingency 2 in December and Joint Fire in January – but no more details have been shared on these yet.

The update video above also goes into more details about Forge – reiterating the frankly ridiculous levels of customisation you get – and campaign co-op.

So if Halo Infinite has felt rather stale recently, hang in there just a few more weeks, as the Winter Update (and especially the Forge beta) should alleviate some of that boredom.