Halo Infinite Forge mode release date, leaks, and more

'When does the Halo Infinite Forge mode come out?', you ask. Fortunately, we have the answer. Here's everything we know so far about Forge.

Halo Infinite Forge mode: a Halo Infinite vehicle

Everyone knows that any Halo game worth its salt has to have a dedicated Halo Forge mode. With near-endless customisation at your fingertips, Spartans have long been able to create their own custom Halo experiences using the editing tools made available to them by developer 343 Industries in-game.

343 has already confirmed that Halo Infinite Forge Mode is also on its way, and by the looks of things players are going to be stuck for choice when piecing together their own unique new-gen Halo experience.

From the reports we’ve seen so far, the Halo Infinite Forge mode release date could be key to reviving the game.

Halo Infinite Forge mode release date

Halo Infinite Forge mode is set to launch in beta on November 8, 2022, as confirmed by 343 Industries. It will launch as a part of a Winter update covering between November and March. The mode will launch in beta and continue to be updated after it initially comes out.

Back in August 2021’s Halo Infinite development update, creative director Joseph Staten said that both campaign co-op and Forge would be delayed until after the game’s launch as they weren’t going to be up to standard in time.

“Unfortunately, as we focused the team for shutdown, and really focused on a quality experience for launch, we made the really tough decision to delay shipping campaign co-op for launch,” Staten says. “And we made the tough call to delay shipping Forge past launch as well.” But, it’s great to see it finally here.

Halo Infinite Forge mode leaks

So far relatively little is known about the Halo Infinite Forge mode officially, with 343 remaining tight-lipped on the sorts of features it’ll include.

However, a number of leaks and dataminers have revealed a number of features, sliders, and more that will come with Forge. These include a full script editor, sizing and scaling options, and more. You can see those leaks below:

And that’s all we have for now on the Halo Infinite Forge mode release date. While you’re waiting for news and further updates on Forge, why not check out some of the best Xbox Series X games to play while you wait?