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Halo Infinite’s Survive the Undead mode is a COD Zombies love letter

Halo Infinite’s brand-new Survive the Undead mode is a masterwork of Forge creativity, and Call of Duty Zombies fans need to play it.

Halo Infinite Survive the Undead: An image of a Spartan in Survive the Undead and a zombie from Call of Duty Zombies.

Halo Infinite players can get extremely creative with the game’s Forge toolkit, and Survive the Undead is the perfect example. Paying tribute to one of the greatest eras in the entire Call of Duty Zombies saga, the brand-new mode is available now on Xbox – but it won’t be around for long.

Halo Infinite enthusiasts and Forge masterminds The Forge Falcons are welcoming players into its recent addition to the Xbox FPS game, which features two maps at launch. One of the maps is a recreation of the fan-favorite World at War locale, Nacht der Untoten – the first ever Call of Duty Zombies map to exist. The second is an original map called Installation of the Dead which takes the action to an arena more in line with the Halo universe.

Survive the Dead not only looks the part, but it does a good job of feeling like it, too. Both maps come equipped with Perk machines, wall-buy weapons, rebuildable windows, and yes, its own version of the beloved Mystery Box. Players will spawn in with a pistol and assault rifle, with five enemies present in the first wave of the multiplayer game. Enemies increase by one-per-wave, with the exception of boss fights, a feature not present in the original version of Nacht der Untoten.

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“Survive the Undead meshes the Halo Firefight experience with the fan-favorite COD Zombies mode, resulting in fast-paced, intense, and sometimes spooky gameplay. As we learned in Reach, the objective is to ‘survive’, and you want to do that by any means necessary,” says a recent post on the Halo Waypoint blog. However, you won’t be able to play Survive the Undead forever. For now, the new playlist is live available through matchmaking for two-weeks, while 343 Industries and The Forge Falcons gather feedback on the mode.

As a diehard COD Zombies player, I’m curious to see if The Forge Falcons have hidden any easter eggs in there. Maybe even a cheeky nod to the Wunderwaffe DG-2? Either way, one thing is very clear, and that’s the strong call for a refreshed Zombies experience. With Modern Warfare 3’s open world game iteration proving to be quite stale as of late, all of my hope is on Treyarch’s next entry in the long-running shooter series. However, games like the charmingly janky Sker Ritual prove that round-based chaos is still beloved in the hearts of players.

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