Halo Infinite Fractures explained – what are Fracture events?

Looking to find out exactly what Halo Infinite Fractures are and what rewards they will have? We have a thorough explanation of just how Fracture events work

Halo Infinite: Fractures: the Yoroi Samurai armor can be seen with a Spartan wearing it in combat.

Halo Infinite is putting a lot into the multiplayer portion of the game to make it a successful live-service with new content to keep you coming back. One of the ways 343 Industries is doing this is through Fracture events. These recurring events during Halo Infinite’s multiplayer seasons will break away from the traditional boundaries of the Halo universe to introduce new modes and new cosmetics that haven’t been seen before in a Halo game.

These events originated in Halo: The Masterchief Collection as a way to explain why some armor sets that don’t fit a Spartan’s usual attire were added to the game. ‘Fractures’ explain that divergence with the Halo Universe cracking and allowing some more unique design concepts for players to unlock.

Read on to find out more about Halo Infinite’s Fractures, including how many you can expect per Season and how long they will run for.

Halo Infinite Fractures

Within Halo Infinite multiplayer, Fractures will be introduced one by one with players being able to earn a unique armor set by meeting specific criteria. We aren’t sure exactly how yet, as 343 Industries has been keeping its cards close to its chest.

These Fractures will be available for a limited time, before they are removed. However, the will pop back up every now and again, although how frequent is still yet to be seen.

In Halo Infinite Season 1, players will get access to one Fracture that 343 has already detailed. The Halo Infinite Tenrai Fracture will allow players to unlock the Yoroi armor core, which takes a Samurai approach to Spartan armor.

Halo Infinite Fractures: The Yoroi armor can be seen with a Spartan wielding a pistol.

With new armor sets consistently being introduced we don’t yet know if 343 Industries will phase out some of these Fractures in order to not have a multitude of them running at once. However, once the game has launched, we should have a better idea of how many Fractures we will see in a season.

That covers everything you need to know about Halo Infinite’s multiplayer Fractures. For more on the multiplayer side of the game, why not read our rundown of Halo Infinite Season 1, including the start time, weekly challenges, and battle pass.