Halo Infinite cross-play: how to play with friends across platforms

Is Halo Infinite cross-play? Here's everything you need to know about playing with your fellow Spartans, regardless of whether they're playing on PC or Xbox

Halo Infinite cross-play: Three Spartans huddle

There’s something so nostalgic about Halo. Whether it’s getting to use the trusty Battle Rifle again or seeing the sight of four Spartans work together to capture the flag, there’s nothing quite like it in the world of competitive FPS games. And now, thanks to Halo Infinite cross-play, we can enjoy that nostalgia hit with friends, regardless of the platform they play on.

If you’ve not heard, Halo Infinite cross-play is a real thing, allowing you to assemble the very best team from your PC and Xbox friends. It’s the first time Halo has had the feature, so it’ll come as no surprise that many players have questions about it.

So, to ease your concerns, we’ve put together this handy little guide on Halo Infinite cross-play. Here’s everything you need to know, including what cross-play means for you, whether you can turn it off, and whether you’ll be able to carry your progress from your console over to PC.

Is Halo Infinite cross-play?

Halo Infinite does have cross-play, allowing you to play with friends on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. Halo Infinite cross-play is on by default and it doesn’t appear that you can toggle it on and off in its current state.

Can you turn off Halo Infinite cross-play?

No, you cannot turn off Halo Infinite cross-play right now. However, if you’re sick of playing against mouse and keyboard players, there are several input-based queues that’ll allow you to matchmake with similar players.

If you’re playing ranked and click on the cross-play option, you’ll see there’s an option to switch to the solo/duo queue. Here, you’ll be able to select either Keyboard/Mouse or controller options, which will then put you in a queue with those players.

This should make matchmaking a bit easier for those that hate playing against mouse and keyboard players.

Is there Halo Infinite cross-progression?

If you’re planning on splitting your game time between PC and, you’ll be pleased to know that Halo Infinite cross-progression is live. That means you can play the game on either platform and your progress will carry through to that platform.

So there you have it – Halo Infinite cross-play in a nutshell. Hopefully that helps answer all your questions about the state of the feature in the game right now. While you get ready to grind the Halo Infinite ranks with friends, make sure to check out the best Halo Infinite guns in the game. You can also check out the Halo TV series release date too if that’s more your bag.