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Halo Infinite crossplay: how to play with friends across platforms

Is Halo Infinite crossplay? Here's everything you need to know about playing with your fellow Spartans, regardless of whether they're playing on PC or Xbox.

Halo Infinite cross-play: Three Spartans huddle

With years’ worth of content and some of the best competitive FPS action, Halo Infinite is a stellar FPS on both Xbox and PC. However, it’s best enjoyed with friends, especially when it comes to the likes of Forge, Firefight, and the more party-style modes. So, is there Halo Infinite crossplay support?

If you’re looking to play Halo Infinite crossplay with friends on other platforms, we’ve put together this handy little guide. Here’s everything you need to know, including what crossplay means for you, whether you can turn it off, and whether you can carry your progress between platforms.

Is Halo Infinite crossplay?

Halo Infinite does have crossplay, allowing you to play with friends on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. Halo Infinite crossplay is on by default and you are unable to toggle it on and off – much to the dismay of some fans.

Can you turn off Halo Infinite crossplay?

No, you cannot turn off Halo Infinite crossplay as developer 343 believes it is key to maintaining a healthy player population across all platforms. However, if you’re sick of playing against mouse and keyboard players, there are several input-based queues that allow you to matchmake with similar players.

If you’re playing ranked and click on the crossplay option, you’ll see there’s an option to switch to the solo/duo queue. Here, you’ll be able to select either Keyboard/Mouse or controller options, which will then put you in a queue with those players.

This should make matchmaking a bit easier for those who hate playing against mouse and keyboard players.

Is there Halo Infinite cross-progression?

If you’re planning on splitting your game time between PC and, you’ll be pleased to know that there is Halo Infinite cross-progression support – and it works very well. That means you can play the game on either platform and your progress will carry through between them, so long as you’re using the same account.

So there you have it – Halo Infinite crossplay in a nutshell. While you get ready to grind the Halo Infinite ranks with friends, make sure to check out the best Halo Infinite guns in the game so you’re ready for anything.