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Halo Infinite Credits - what are the Credits prices and what Credit bundles can you buy?

Want to know everything there is to know about Halo Infinite Credits? Here's how to get them and what you can spend them on.

Halo Infinite Credits: Two Spartans can be seen fighting in a multiplayer match.

With Halo Infinite multiplayer being free-to-play, other monetization methods were brought in to pick up the slack. While premium battle passes and event passes offer up some great items, the in-game cash shop often houses the most sought-after gear. However, to purchase these cosmetics, or even the passes, you’ll need Credits.

Credits and Credit bundles can be hard to wrap your head around. Luckily, we’ve collated the price of Halo Infinite Credits so you know what you can get with your hard-earned money.

Halo Infinite Credits

Halo Infinite credits come in five bundles and are available from Steam and the Microsoft Store on PC and Xbox consoles. The five bundles and their prices are as follows:

  • 500 Credits – $4.99/£3.99
  • 1,000 Credits – $9.99/£7.99
  • 2,200 Credits – $19.99/£15.99
  • 5,600 Credits – $49.99/£39.99
  • 11,500 Credits $99.99/£79.99

As they get more expensive, the packs begin to contain ‘bonus’ Credits. for example, the 2,200 Credits bundle contains 2,000 Credits + 200 extra compared to buying the 1,000 Credit bundle twice. In other words, you get more bang for your buck the bigger the bundle you buy.

Halo Credits (1,000) Halo Credits (1,000) Halo Credits (1,000) Microsoft $9.99 Network N earns commission from qualifying purchases via Microsoft and other programs.

Legendary skins and armor sets for Spartans will set you back around 2,000 credits, though some of the best can cost you upwards of 2,800 Credits. Epic items range from 1,000 to 1,500 credits. Rare cosmetics are relatively cheap, costing around 500 Credits.

These items have increased in price since the game launched, with more items landing in the upper ranges.

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