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Gray Zone Warfare seems keen to hit PS5 and Xbox, unlike Tarkov

Gray Zone Warfare needs to be on your radar if you love hardcore FPS games like Escape From Tarkov, and it may come to PS5 and Xbox in the future.

Gray Zone Warfare PS5 Xbox: an image of a soldier in Gray Zone Warfare and Escape from Tarkov.

Sometimes a break away from the arcade-like thrills of Call of Duty games is needed, and that demands an experience that is far more tactical – an experience like Gray Zone Warfare. With a focus on immersion, realistic combat, and teamwork, it looks like the kind of FPS that’d make Escape From Tarkov blush. However, unlike Tarkov, developer Madfinger Games seems very keen to bring Gray Zone Warfare PS5 and Xbox versions to console players.

While a concrete release date for a potential Gray Zone Warfare console version is yet to be confirmed, the studio is definitely open to porting the FPS game over from its current home on PC. In an interview with Game Rant in December, creative director Marek Rabas says: “We are planning it, you know. We want to support consoles. We won’t do it immediately because we need to stabilize it [on PC] first.” Bringing the game over to PS5 and Xbox likely isn’t an easy job, but the studio does have a plan on how to make players part of improving the overall experience.

Rabas says that “if the game will be suitable to put on consoles, we will do it. Even during the Early Access, we will try to do Early Access on the consoles.” However, don’t expect it anytime soon. This will rely on the studio on doing “everything” for PC players first. Nevertheless, it gives us more hope than waiting for Escape From Tarkov to finally get its debut as a new PS5 game and new Xbox game.

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We’ve been pinning our hopes and dreams on a possible Escape From Tarkov console release date for years. Despite interest way back in 2020 from Battlestate Games, game director Nikita Buyanov has yet to elaborate further on the studio’s console plans. We reckon that both EFT and Gray Zone Warfare would be smash hits on Xbox Game Pass, but that’s nothing more than a pipe dream right now. For now, console players are resigned to watching streams of the action.

Testing their mettle in the promising multiplayer game is ‘LVNDMARK’, one of the most notable Escape From Tarkov streamer on the planet. With over 1.2 million Twitch followers, we recommend tuning into his stream to get an in-depth look at the shooter. It’s already shaping to be a major co-op game too, as YouTubers like ‘TheTacticalBrit’ have been showcasing.

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You better make sure you’ve got one of the best PS5 headsets or best Xbox headsets on when it does come to console, as your comms will need to be on point.

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