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GTA Online Railgun returns to Los Santos after two year hiatus

After years of hiding in GTA 5, the fan favourite Railgun is making a comeback in GTA Online as players unearth the Halo-style weapon in Los Santos

Michael De Santa from GTA 5 and GTA Online holding the railgun

GTA Online enters its tenth year of Rockstar Games mayhem in 2023. To mark the occasion, Los Santos griefers are about to be reunited with the Railgun, as the elusive weapon is touted to make a return in GTA 5’s multiplayer spin-off.

We’ve seen an arsenal of strange and exotic weapons wash upon the Los Santos shores. The Up-n-Atomizer continues to be a pesky pistol, while the Widowmaker keeps us awake at night. Due to release in the future as part of the ongoing Los Santos Drug Wars content cycle, the Railgun has only been available in specific modes, following its removal in July 2021.

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It appears that avid GTA Online players are able to retrieve the Railgun through some simple exploits. Notably, it is imperative that you pick a job with the random weapon modifier selected to have a chance of nabbing it. GTA YouTuber ‘GhillieMaster’ highlights that custom job playlists make it even easier to acquire.

The YouTuber details that extra ammo must be purchased through the “Buy All” feature in GTA Online’s inventory menu. Don’t get too comfortable with it though, as it can disappear from your weapon wheel after time has elapsed in-game.

Elsewhere, GTA Online may have dropped a new GTA 6 tease, alluding to a very iconic city. After Rockstar Games’ massive GTA 6 leak in 2023, we can’t wait to see what’s next for the franchise.