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Gran Turismo 7 developer and Sony AI to unveil a “breakthrough” project

Polyphony Digital and Sony AI have been secretly collaborating on an AI project that potentially involves the upcoming Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 Sony Ai project: multiple cars can be seen racing alongside one another.

Polyphony Digital, the team behind next month’s Gran Turismo 7 is set to unveil a “breakthrough project in AI”, which has been developed in collaboration with Sony’s AI division.

Announced on Twitter, the project is described as Sony AI’s “gaming flagship” effort and a trailer for the collaboration aims to generate some excitement for whatever Sony AI is set to announce on February 9. As is usual with most technology-based teaser trailers, there isn’t much to go on here, but the partnership is a curious one and marks the first time one of PlayStation Studios’ teams has worked with Sony AI on a project.

Sony hasn’t revealed much about Gran Turismo 7’s online play yet or talked too much about the competitive modes that will be available and the AI you will be racing against. And, the timing of this announcement could suggest that we are due for a big info drop later this week detailing all things competitive racing within the latest entry in the racing series.

But, what will this new evolution in AI be? Could it be an enhancement of what we saw in Gran Turismo Sport, or will this be how Sony looks to build its AI in the future for the upcoming live-service games which it aims to release over the next four years. But, it isn’t even clear if this reveal will be for Gran Turismo 7 or is just for an AI project Polyphony Digital have been working on in the background.

This announcement comes just after Gran Turismo 7’s weather effects and a selection of Gran Turismo starter cars were unveiled during a State of Play last week.

Either way, we don’t have too long until the project both Polyphony Digital and Sony AI is working on will be revealed. But, with crossplay confirmed for Gran Turismo 7 and potentially a renewed focus on improved AI, competitive racing could be a lot more intense in this entry, whether racing online or against the computer.