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Gran Turismo 7 easter egg features a UFO abducting cows

GT7 players have discovered another weird and wonderful Gran Turismo 7 easter egg in the racing simulator - this time, it features a UFO abducting some cows

Gran Turismo 7 UFO easter egg: Two screenshots of cars on track in Gran Turismo 7, with a UFO overlaid on top

Another Gran Turismo 7 easter egg has been spotted by eagle-eyed players, and it’s certainly the weirdest one the community had found so far.

Already in GT7 we’ve seen the return of some easter Trial Mountain easter eggs from previous games, such as the monkeys watching the action in a tree and the Loch Ness monster appearing out of the circuit’s lake. The developers also threw in a nice little movie reference with this Gran Turismo 7 Back to the Future easter egg. But this latest easter egg certainly takes the biscuit.

If you boot up the Mount Panorama Circuit and drive up to the highest section of the track, pull over, and wait a while, you’ll spot something extraterrestrial in the distance. Between the trees, you’ll see a UFO fly in, hover for a few seconds, and then shoot off again. On closer inspection of the UFO, achieved by zooming in on it using GT7’s excellent photo mode, you’ll also see why the UFO is hovering – it is abducting cows.

UFO easter eggs are hardly an original idea – they’ve cropped up in plenty of games over the years – but Gran Turismo 7 was admittedly one of the last places we thought one would appear in.

Annoyingly, this UFO won’t abduct the annoying AI driver that keeps sending it up the inside. We just hope the cows don’t have too hard a time.

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