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Gotham Knights best Robin build

Get our suggestion for the best Robin build in Gotham Knights, which focuses on making the most of elemental attacks and his wide reach with his Bo Staff

Gotham Knights best Robin build: Robin can be seen standing

Robin is a surprisingly strong character in Gotham Knights with a lot of power and crowd control at the heart of his toolset. And, to complement those strengths, we have put together what we think is the best Robin build in Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights best Robin build

Robin takes our pick for the best character in Gotham Knights and he is one of the easier ones to use. With a lot of reach, this build will focus on crowd control. Do keep in mind these are our suggestions, so you may find something that works for you that isn’t here. But, generally, this is the direction you want to build your Robin in.

Flame Swiper – best Robin build

Here’s what our best Robin build for Gotham Knights includes:

  • Momentum Ability 1: Fireworks
  • Momentum Ability 2: Microbots
  • Element: Incendiary
  • Melee: Gold Bo Staff
  • Ranged: Gold Slingshot
  • Mod: Elemental Effect Buildup
  • Suit: Gold Armour
  • Best pair-up skills: Elemental Burst, Enhanced Elemental Effects, Microbots Cooldown Reduction, Microbot Target +

You want to build your entire Robin build around elemental damage. And our choice is Incendiary as Robin’s ultimate Momentum Ability Microbots does that elemental damage, so you can complement it with your Slingshot and Bo Staff that is gold and has Incendiary damage.

The second Momentum Ability choice, Fireworks also deals Incendiary damage so overall the element is just a great fit. Similarly, the skills we have chosen also complement this.

Microbots Cooldown Reduction and Microbot Target + allow you to call these bots more often and have more of them basically turning you into a fire force unlike any other making it the core of your build. On top of that, both of the other skills above boost your elemental damage in a number of ways just enhancing the centrepiece of this build.

Finally to top it all off as Robin, you will want some nice Gold armour to support your build and an Elemental Effect Buildup mod to boost your elemental damage that little bit more.

So there you have it, our best Robin build in Gotham Knights. For more on the apprentice and sidekick, as well as the other heroes in the game, check out our guides in our Gotham Knights walkthrough.