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Gotham Knights best Red Hood build

Take a look at our suggestion for the best Red Hood build in Gotham Knights so you know what gear and set-up to run with the ranged menace

Gotham Knights best Red Hood build: Red Hood can be seen standing

Red Hood has had a rough time prior to Gotham Knights‘ launch. Seen as the oddball character lacking the melee strength of his fellow knights, he isn’t a typical playable character for a Batman game. But, if you are looking for the best way to use him, we have pulled together what we think is the best Red Hood build in Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights best Red Hood build

Red Hood is an extremely tricky character to use in the game. There isn’t really a perfect set-up for him as no matter what he is strong at there will always be a pretty big hole missing in his set-up. But, while you may have your own ideas you want to try, feel free to go ahead, but if you want a decent build to get started with here is our suggestion for what to run.

Shiver Shots – best Red Hood build

Here’s what our best Red Hood build for Gotham Knights includes:

  • Momentum Ability 1: Spoilsport Reload
  • Momentum Ability 2: Mystical Rounds
  • Element: Cryogenic
  • Melee: Gold Pistols
  • Ranged: Gold Rounds
  • Mod: Elemental Effect Buildup
  • Suit: Gold Armour
  • Best pair-up skills: Lucky Rounds, Human Bomb Multiplied, Durca’s Training, Shadow Vengeance

Let’s start off with the gear for Red Hood. The best element in our minds is Cryogenic as it allows you to build up freeze over a long range. Then, when frozen you can make use of the freeze by landing a shot or melee hit to completely destroy your enemy with a ton of damage.

As such, you will want a mod that boosts elemental effect buildup, alongside Gold Pistols and Gold Rounds which are all the most powerful forms of those bits of gear. And, if they do Cryogenic damage, even better! Similarly, you will want any type of gold armour you can find to really protect yourself.

Now, when we get to Momentum Abilities, two we think really stand out with Red Hood are Spoilsport Reload which deals a big chunk of damage in an area and Mystical Rounds. Mystical Rounds is the more important one as it is Red Hood’s Ultimate Momentum Ability. This fires off a powerful shot that completely wipe out a massive group of enemies.

When you pair this with our skill recommendations you get some great synergy. Durca’s Training and Shadow Vengeance decrease the lock-on time needed for this shot and also give you a second shot when using Mystical Rounds. This boosts the ability’s power greatly and make it almost a crutch you should rely on in large groups as Red Hood does not have a lot of melee attacks and tools he can use, relying on ranged more often.

Then, Lucky Rounds and Human Bomb Multiplied are some nice-to-have skills that give you and your tools a bit of a boost in a fight. They definitely aren’t a must-have by any means but its nice to have them to support the rest of your build.

That about wraps up our best Red Hood build in Gotham Knights. What do you think of the Shiver Shots build, which we have named this cryogenic damage-centric build? It definitely doesn’t make Red Hood the best character in Gotham Knights, but it does add a bit more to him. For more tips and guides on the game’s characters, check out our Gotham Knights walkthrough.