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How to interrogate in Gotham Knights

Here is how to interrogate in Gotham Knights so you can get the key information you need to know to complete missions and case files

Gotham Knights How To Interrogate

How to interrogate in Gotham Knights? If you are playing and completing premeditated crimes or the game’s missions, you may be wondering how you get the key information to complete some objectives from the game’s enemies. Well, it’s actually pretty easy, so find out how to do it below in Gotham Knights.

How to interrogate in Gotham Knights?

To interrogate in Gotham Knights you need to grab an enemy and then hit the triangle button on PlayStation, Y button on Xbox, or the Q button PC to interrogate. It really is that simple, but it can be easily missed as the game doesn’t tell you the information consistently.

You will have to interrogate a lot during the game, so you better get the button memorised so you aren’t stuck there holding an enemy wondering what to do.

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