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Gotham Knights best skills for Red Hood

Get some suggestions for the best skills for Red Hood in Gotham Knights to unlock as soon as you get your hands on him and start earning points

Gotham Knights best Red Hood Skills: Red Hood can be seen shooting someone

Tons of skills, across four trees. That is the story with all the heroes in Gotham Knights, but Red Hood’s skill tree might be the most cluttered in terms of skills that all do different things. As such, we have put together this guide on the best skills for Red Hood in Gotham Knights to help you out when it comes to prioritising your unlocks.

Gotham Knights best skills for Red Hood

The best skills for Red Hood in Gotham Knights are:

  • Lucky Rounds
  • Quickfire Expert
  • Human Bomb Multiplied
  • Ducra’s Training
  • Shadow Vengeance

Most of these skills can be unlocked normally, but for the last suggestions, you will need to complete Red Hood’s Knighthood Challenges. So, be sure to prepare yourself for a bit of a grind.

Gotham Knights best Red Hood Skills: Red Hood can be seen shooting

Lucky Rounds skill

For our first pick, we recommend going after Lucky Rounds sooner rather than later. This gives each shot from Red Hood a chance to deal 5x the damage.

This does only apply to ranged and precision aim, but it is a welcome bonus when it does happen. So, there is no reason not to go after it as soon as you can.

Quickfire Expert skill

Quickfire Expert is our second choice, boosting critical chance damage for Red Hood’s ranged attacks when in a combo. This is a nice-to-have addition rather than a must as any damage boost is welcome with Red Hood, who doesn’t specialise in it.

While ranged attacks shouldn’t be the only thing you do as Red Hood they will form the bulk of your attacks.

Human Bomb Multiplied skill

As you upgrade the Brawler skill tree you will automatically get the Human Bomb and its first upgrade, but its worth going after the last one as well.

This will splinter the mine you get into six additional ones after it goes off. This gives Red Hood some great area coverage and allows him to control crowds of enemies better.

Gotham Knights best Red Hood Skills: Red Hood can be seen atatcking a Talon

Ducra’s Training skill

For Red Hood, we are recommending two skills from his Knighthood skill tree. The first is Ducra’s Training. This allows you to use your Ultimate Momentum Ability more easily as the lock on time to fire off your powerful spirit shot is decreased by 50%.

The lock-on time with his ability is one of its biggest problems so having this added to the character really helps out.

Shadow Vengeance skill

Our second skill recommendation in the Knighthood tree is Shadow Vengeance. Red Doo’s Ultimate Momentum Ability is really strong and decreasing its lock-on time plus adding a second shot makes it unbelievably good.

The skill costs quite a lot to get but it is worth going after as it gives Red Hood a much-needed boost when it comes to using this ability.

And those are our recommendations for the best skills for Red Hood in Gotham Knights. While definitely not having the best skill selection in the game, Red Hood does have a few top ones that are worth grabbing if you are gaining the character. For more on Red Hood and other characters, check out our guides in our Gotham Knights walkthrough.