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Gotham Knights best skills for Nightwing

Having a hard time picking the Gotham Knights best skills for Nightwing? We have some suggestions for what you should grab first while playing

Gotham Knights best Nightwing Skills: Nightwing can be seen after performing an attack

Figuring out the Gotham Knights best skills for Nightwing isn’t an easy task. There are many useful skills across all four of his skill trees, but some of them definitely stand out from the rest.

As it’s often the norm, you’re going to have to spend some points to get to the recommended skills, so it may take a while. But by the time you’re above level 10, and then level 20, your Nightwing is going to be an acrobatics master with tons of secrets up its sleeve. The criminals in Gotham Knights won’t know what hit them when you ambush them on the map.

Gotham Knights Best Skills for Nightwing

The best skills for Nightwing in Gotham Knights are:

  • Aerial Bounce
  • Evade Chain
  • Family Ties
  • Momentum Regen
  • Nest Buffs +

Before we begin, if you’re wondering how to unlock the Knighthood skill tree in Gotham Knights, we have a guide for you. The steps aren’t too complicated, so I recommend tackling that task as early as possible. That being said, most of the skills on this list are from the main three skill trees, so you can go ahead and start gaining a few interesting abilities early on.

Below are the Gotham Knights best skills for Nightwing with a deeper dive into each one:

Gotham Knights best Nightwing Skills: Nightwing can be seen looking at the camera

Aerial Bounce Skill

Let’s begin with the basics, starting with the Raptor skill tree. Aerial Bounce is an addition to Trampoline, the first skill you get for Nightwing, and allows you to bounce off an enemy after an aerial attack to propel yourself back into the air. Moreover, the skill can be used up to three times in succession.

Most of the enemies in Gotham Knights are susceptible to aerial attacks, and can rarely defend on time when Nightwing is propelling himself towards them. Being able to chain this a few times give you enough time to do a bit of crowd control, catch that one criminal that has you on their line on fire, or escape from an upcoming attack without ever stopping to cause damage. It’s a jack-of-all-trades kind of skill, and one you shouldn’t miss.

Evade Chain Skill

This skill sounds simpler on paper, but it’s definitely worth unlocking. As part of the Acrobat skill tree, Evade Chain starts a succession of back jumps whenever you hold the dodge button. It acts as a great tool to dodge upcoming fire and get out of trouble in style. And of course, it can be interrupted at any time so you can either counterattack or perform a different skill.

As a bonus suggestion, we recommend pairing this with the Haly’s Favorite skill. With it, completing an evade chain also knocks down all nearby enemies.

Family Ties Skill

Found in the Pack Leader skill tree, Family Ties is a must for co-op play, although I’d also recommend it for all of you lone wolves (bats?) out there. The skill increases Nightwing’s defence and resistance by 10 per cent, which is a nice bonus, but it also adds some additional stats depending on who you’re playing with.

For Batgirl it adds 15 per cent melee damage, with Red Hood it adds 15 per cent ranged damage, and with Robin it adds 15 per cent stealth damage.

Gotham Knights best Nightwing Skills: Nightwing can be seen using a Momentum Ability

Momentum Regen Skill

Even if you’re not interested in the Pack Leader skill tree, make sure to spend some points to unlock Momentum Regen. You’re going to be using your Momentum Abilities quite often in Gotham Knights, and thus, gaining the ability to actually regenerate it is key to making the most out of them.

With Momentum Regen, the bar will automatically regenerate over time and stop after filing 1 Momentum segment. Gaining any Momentum activates regeneration again, and hey, if you’re playing co-op, the regeneration gains a bump in speed. It might not seem as much at first, but this skill works perfectly with any other bonuses you might have around Momentum.

Nest Buffs + Skill

The skills over at the Knighthood skill tree tend to be heavily related to Momentum Abilities, which means that your choices may vary quite a bit depending on your preferences there. That being said, it’s highly likely that you’re going to be using the Nest ability, and for it, the Nest Buffs + skill is mandatory.

Unlocking this skill increases nest damage by 150 per cent, while the healing effect is increased by 100 per cent. If you’re placing most of your bets on this skill, you have to add these bonuses on top, especially for co-op play.

Those are the Gotham Knights best skills for Nightwing! The character leans heavily on acrobatics, but can also act as a tank of sorts, providing buffs for both himself and others. It’s a really versatile choice, and as such, picking the best abilities can be a hard task. Our suggestions above cover the most optimal options for either playstyle, so even if you decide to play on your own, you’ll still be making the most out of it.

As for the skills that you need to unlock in order to get to the ones we recommend, it’s up to you how you want to spend those points. Most tend to have a related buff that matches the skill you want to purchase, so you can either pick between one of the two options in the tree or go back to the second option later on for maximum advantage.

That is all you need to know for the time being when it comes to the best Nightwing skills in Gotham Knights. But of course, skills are merely one of the many aspects of a character. The more you dive into the game, the more tools you’ll gain access to that are key to character progression, whether it’s blueprints for armor and weapons or mods to customize your gear further. For more on Gotham Knights, including builds, collectibles, and tons more, check out our other guides in our Gotham Knights walkthrough.