Godfall’s PS Plus version asks you to pay to get access to the full game

Godfall's release was underwhelming, but now to access the full game from the PS Plus version you need to fork up some money

Godfall PS Plus: A Person can be seen standing overlooking a large crevice

December 3, 11:45 Counterplay has confirmed to Eurogamer that Godfall: Challenger Edition will become a standalone, limited feature version of the game, retailing at $14.99.

Godfall released last year alongside the PlayStation 5 and it wasn’t well received, with criticism placed on the amount of content in the game. Now though, it’s been added to the PS Plus December 2021 games lineup, which is usually good news for developers looking to up their player counts and get people interested in their game.

However, it will be joining PS Plus as Godfall: Challenger Edition, a brand new version of Godfall that only includes three activities that make up the endgame. With the Challenger Edition you can only access the Lightbringer, Dreamstones, and Ascended Tower of Trials modes, with everything else that is available in the regular version of the game not accessible.

Instead, to access all that other content in Godfall and work towards earning the platinum trophy, you will need to choose what Counterplay Games calls the “easy upgrade to the Deluxe Edition”. This will allow players to access the campaigns within the main game and the Fire and Darkness expansion alongside a bunch of weapons and gear that aren’t available without this upgrade.

If you want to upgrade to that from the Challenger Edition, you will need to fork over $15/£12, in addition to your regular PS Plus subscription.

Following the reveal of the Challenger Edition as part of December’s PS Plus lineup, Counterplay has confirmed in a statement to Eurogamer that this is not a trial version, and will soon hit both the PlayStation and Epic Games stores as a standalone, cut-price version of Godfall, retailing at $14.99.

As far as we are aware, this is the first time a limited feature version of a game has been included with PS Plus and we have to ask how many regular subscribers won’t even realise they are missing out on a lot of content with the Godfall: Challenger Edition?

While the decision is a strange one, it could lure in players with the endgame activities and get them to want to check out the rest of what Godfall has to offer.