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God of War Ragnarok skills and skill trees explained

For a full overview of the God of War Ragnarok skills and skill trees, check out this guide which goes over the options for Kratos and his companions

God of War Ragnarok Skill Trees: Kratos can be seen attacking some enemies

God of War Ragnarok expands deeply on the skills and skill trees that were available in the first game with dozens of new options, abilities, and even new skill trees for the weapons and companions in the game. Below, in this article, we will go over the God of War Ragnarok skills and skill trees and what each one is focused on.

Overall, there are far more ways to customise your weapons in this game with the skills trees with more skills on offer. But, the game and time to beat God of War Ragnarok is much longer, so you will get XP to spend on skills far quicker than you did in the original game. Below, you can see what you can expect from them and each of the branches within them.

God of War Ragnarok skills trees

God of War Ragnarok has three different skill trees, each consisting of dozens of skills for you to unlock. These skill trees are for Kratos’ weapons and his companions as he journeys throughout the nine realms. Each skill tree focuses on a different weapon or set of abilities an ally or Kratos has when he fights. These skills unlock new support abilities, combat abilities, buffs, or entirely new combos.

Do keep in mind that there are light spoilers below for the story based on Kratos’ companions and Atreus’ skill tree in this game. So, if you do not want to be spoiled, check back and read the bottom of this guide once you have finished your journey with Brok in Svartalfheim the game. The full skill trees can be seen below in more detail:

God of War Ragnarok Skill Trees: The Leviathon Axe's skills can be seen

Leviathon Axe skill trees

The Leviathon Axe’s skill trees focus entirely on Kratos’ Leviathon Axe, improving its damage, and power, and adding new combos and attacks to it. There are three branches within this tree: Technique, Ranged, and Melee.

The individual skill trees are as follows with the following focuses on combat:

  • Technique skill tree: The Technique skill tree is almost entirely focused around your frost abilities with the axe, being able to deal extra elemental damage, and opening up new ways to deal that damage
  • Ranged skill tree: This skill tree is focused on throwing the axe, dealing damage with the axe, and being able to recall it
  • Melee skill tree: Your melee skill tree in the Leviathan Axe section of the skills is focused on your combos and attacks with the axe in hand and being able to extend those combos or land more hits

God of War Ragnarok Skill Trees: The Blades of Chaos skills can be seen

Blades of Chaos skill trees

As in God of War, the Blades of Chaos here are focused on crowd control and dealing damage to a lot of enemies at once. The blades can also do fire damage and burn enemies. There are three branches: Technique, Ranged, and Melee.

The individual skill tree branches are as follows, focusing on these aspects of combat:

  • Technique: Technique skills are focused on imbuing the blades with fire, or dealing extra damage with the blades when they are imbued with flames
  • Ranged: Ranged skills with the blades focus on buffing your combos or finishers when you throw the blades out and either pin an enemy or reel them in
  • Melee: Melee skills either extend combos, add new attacks, or leave you with powerful finishers that help extend the damage of a combo

God of War Ragnarok Skill Trees: Atreus' skills can be seen

Atreus skill trees

Atreus’ skill trees focus on both his ranged and melee abilities, as well as his abilities to support Kratos and help him out in a fight. There are three trees in his list, and the skills depend on where and when Kratos is in a fight: Instinct, Archery, and Aggression. There will be spoilers below from when you return from Svartleheim for the first time, so be warned.

The individual skill tree branches are as follows:

  • Instinct skill tree: The Instinct skill tree is entirely focused on Atreus’ combos and the support he offers Kratos when in a fight
  • Archery skill tree: The Archery skill tree for Atreus is a tree built around his ranged attacks and both the Sonic and Hex arrows that he shoots, either when he is a companion, or when you are controlling him directly in a story sequence
  • Aggression skill tree: The Aggression skill tree is focused on Atreus’ melee attacks and combos either when he is on his own or supporting Kratos

God of War Ragnarok Skill Trees: Freya's skills can be seen

Freya skill trees

Freya’s skill trees focus on her ranged bow attacks and also her melee abilities when in Valkyrie form. There are spoilers in this section for the second half of the game. So, if you don’t want spoilers, wait until you visit Vanaheim. The branches of Freya’s trees are Vanir Magic, Archery, and Valkyrie.

You can see them in an overview below:

  • Vanir Magic: The Vanir Magic tree is focused on Freya’s support abilities, like being able to grab enemies with vines and apply elemental effects to them
  • Archery: The Archery tree focuses on the ranged attacks Freya can deal, including Sonic attacks and Hex attacks
  • Valkyrie: The Valkyrie tree draws upon Freya’s powerful strength and allows her to perform strong melee or ranged attacks

God of War Ragnarok Skill Trees: The Draupnir Spear's skills can be seen

Draupnir Spear skill trees

The Draupnir Spear is a stun-building melee weapon that also has some nice range. It is the only new weapon in the game that isn’t a shield. There are spoilers here, so if you don’t want to be spoiled wait until you finish your journey with Brok in Svartalfheim. The Draupnir Spear’s skill trees are Technique, Ranged, and Melee.

You can see an overview of each one in more detail below:

  • Technique: The Technique tree focuses on spear detonations and being able to throw more spears into your enemies
  • Ranged: The Ranged skill tree for the spear focuses on your force blast, giving it new abilities, and being able to throw charged spears
  • Melee: Finally the melee skill tree offers up new attacks with the spear’s melee, or extends combos, alongside being able to siphon elements from other enemies.

That covers our overview of the God of War Ragnarok skills trees and what they all offer. Each one has its own use in a fight when taking on some of the tougher threats around the Realms, but whether you are playing as Kratos or with one of the companion characters, these abilities are key to surviving the different lands you explore. For more on the game check out our God of War Ragnarok walkthrough for a ton of other guides and tips.