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God of War Ragnarok outsells Super Smash Bros Ultimate in first week

God of War Ragnarok's first week sales suggest that while the norse saga comes to a close, there is a big future left in the franchise

God of War Ragnarok Sales First Week: Thor and Kratos can be seen fighting

After a lot of anticipation, God of War Ragnarok has landed harder than Thor’s hammer pummeling foes with sales numbers that break records for Sony and its collection of PlayStation Studios games. God of War Ragnarok has sold 5.1 million copies in its first week, according to PlayStation, making it the fastest-selling first-party release for any PlayStation Studios title, beating out the likes of Marvel’s Spider-Man and The Last of Us Part 2.

As the fastest-selling title, it also means that it set a new record for the franchise with 2018’s God of War selling 3.1 million in its first three days (we don’t have first-week numbers). On top of all those records, the game just sneaked past Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to sell more in its first week than that brawler. That game sold five million.

This is a pretty sizeable feat for the game and shows that the conclusion to Kratos’ journey was awaited by a ton of PlayStation players, with the PS5 and PS4 release of the game undoubtedly helping Sony Santa Monica sell this many copies.

So, while God of War Ragnarok may end this saga of the series, it definitely seems like we should expect some more games in the franchise in the future. Cory Barlog has said Sony Santa Monica are working on a lot of different projects.

We have to wonder if there is a God of War spinoff or a potential sequel tucked away in the office somewhere, especially given the events at the God of War Ragnarok ending. If there isn’t one in the works there probably will be now that the series has set an all-time best sales record for any PlayStation Studios title.

We likely won’t see a new game though for a while but should expect some post-launch updates and new additions in the coming months, like with the 2018 game.