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How to open chests in God of War Ragnarok

If you want to know how to open chests in God of War Ragnarok, then look no further as we will go through how to open all four chest types

God of War Ragnarok How to Open Chests: Kratos can be seen opening a chest

If you are confused about how to open chests in God of War Ragnarok, then this article will help you out. There are multiple different types of chests in the game and if you are new or didn’t play the original game in 2018, you may not know how to open them all.

But, to save you the struggle of standing around in confusion trying to work it out, this article will provide concise answers as to what you need to do to open each chest. These chests are scattered throughout each of the realms in the game and there are dozens in each one to find. They also make for some great easy Hacksilver locations.

God of War Ragnarok how to open chests

Chests can be opened in three different ways in God of War Ragnarok depending on which type of chest it is. Those ways are:

  • Regular chests and red chests – simply punch the top or open the casket of the chest
  • Nornir Chests – match the symbols on the chest with the three pillars, hit the three gongs with the symbols, or destroy the stones with the symbols near the chest
  • Legendary Chests – solve the nearby puzzle to access the chest and then open it

The regular and red chests can very easily be opened, as with the Legendary Chests. These often have an environmental puzzle or ask you to get a piece of equipment from the story before you can access them.

The Nornir Chests though are the hardest to open. They come with a puzzle that asks you to destroy stones near the chest with the symbols on the chest. You may also need to hit three gongs with the symbols on in a short amount of time to open though. Or, you can be asked to match the symbols on the chest with the rotating pillars. The actual puzzle of solving these isn’t hard but finding all three of the items with the symbols on is at times.

With this knowledge of how to open chests in God of War Ragnarok, you can begin exploring the map in more depth and diving deeper into each realm. For more on the game’s items in the open world and collectibles, check out our guides and tips articles in our God of War Ragnarok walkthrough.