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All the God of War Ragnarok bosses

Get an idea of where all the God of War Ragnarok bosses are located, so you can make sure you defeat them all in your journey across the realms

God of War Ragnarok Bosses: Atreus can be seen shooting a Dreki while Kratos holds it

As you are exploring the nine realms in God of War Ragnarok, you will come across many different bosses and foes for you to fight. But, not all of the God of War Ragnarok bosses are easy to find, with some hidden away in locations on each of the Realms’ maps.

From eerie Phantoms to the end-game challenge that is the Berserkers, this guide will take you through where you can find each of the bosses in the game as you are exploring and working towards full completion.  There will be spoilers below for both the main story bosses, as well as any side bosses. So, if you don’t want to be spoiled, be sure to proceed with caution.

All God of War Ragnarok bosses

God of War Ragnarok has dozens of bosses, from fighting beasts, gods, mythical creatures, Berserkers, Aesir enemies, and more. They are located in all nine realms in the game, Asgard, Jotunheim, Niflheim, Vanaheim, Midgard, Muspelheim, Svartlefheim, Helheim, and Alfheim. You can find the location of each one below, including details on which of these bosses are most important:

  • Bjorn – Surviving Fimbulwinter main quest
  • Thor – Surviving Fimbulwinter main quest
  • The Huntress – Surviving Fimbulwinter main quest
  • Dreki – The Quest For Tyr main quest
  • Alva – Groa’s Secret main quest
  • Gryla – The Lost Tree main quest
  • Vanadis – The Reckoning main quest
  • Forest Ancient – The Reckoning main quest
  • Fiske – The Reckoning main quest
  • Nidhogg – The Reckoning main quest
  • Frost Phantom – The World of Fate main quest
  • Garm – Reunion main quest
  • Dreki (X2) – Creatures of Prophecy main quest
  • Gulltoppr – Creatures of Prophecy main quest
  • Heimdall – Creatures of Prophecy main quest
  • Frost Ancient – Unlocking The Mask main quest
  • Flame Phantom – The Summoning main quest
  • Soul Eater (X2) – The Summoning main quest
  • Hrist & Mist – The Summoning main quest
  • Thor – The Realms At War main quest
  • Odin – The Realms At War main quest
  • Ormstunga – Found during The Lost Treasure Favour on Svartlefheim
  • The Maven – Found during The Elven Sanctum Favour on Alfheim
  • Gravel Belly – Found during The Forbidden Sands Favour on Alfheim
  • Soul Eater – Found during Freya’s Missing Peace Favour on Vanaheim
  • Dreki (X2) – Found during Freya’s Missing Peace Favour on Vanaheim
  • Vali The Oath Guard – Found during the For Vanaheim! Favour on Vanaheim
  • The Crimson Dread – Found during the For Vanaheim! Favour on Vanaheim
  • Flame Phantom – Found during the Nocturnal Predator Favour on Vanaheim
  • Cragjaw – Found during the Quaking Hollow Favour on Vanaheim
  • Soul Eater – Found during the In Plain Sight Favour on Vanaheim
  • Dreki (X2) – Found during the What Lies Below Favour on Vanaheim
  • The Corpse Eater – Found during the Trail of The Dead Favour on Vanaheim
  • Slag Horn – Found during the Path of Destruction Favour on Vanaheim
  • Dreki – Found during the In The Dead of Night Favour on Vanaheim
  • The Ash Tyrant – Found during The Burning Skies Favour on Vanaheim
  • Olaf Nautson – Found during the Animal Instincts Favour on Midgard
  • Gna – Found during the Defend Your Valour Favour on Muspelheim
  • The Raven Keeper – Found during The Eyes of Odin Favour in Niflheim
  • Berserker: Hardrefill The Callous – Found at the Nidavellir Berserker Gravestone in Svartelfheim
  • Berserker: Bodvar The Fierce and Starolfr The Troublesome – Found at the Jarnsmida Pitmines Berserker Gravestone in Svartlefheim
  • Berserker: Beigadr The Feared – Found at the Alberich Island Berserker Gravestone in Svartlefheim
  • Berserker: Hjalti The Stolid – Found at The Forbidden Sands Berserker Gravestone in Alfheim
  • Berserker: Svipdagr The Cold and Sisters of Illska – Found at The Barrens Berserker Gravestone in Alfheim
  • Berserker: Hvitserkr The Bold – Found at Pilgrim’s Landing Berserker Gravestone in Vanaheim
  • Berserker: Haklangr The Bearded – Found at The Sinkholes Berserker Gravestone in Vanaheim
  • Berserker: Farekni The Zealous – Found at the Lake of Nine Berserker Gravestone in Midgard
  • Berserker: Skjorthendi The Unerring – Found at the Mist Fields Berserker Gravestone in Niflheim
  • King Hrolf Kraki – Found at the King’s Grave in Midgard after defeating all the Berserkers
  • The Hateful – Found at six Draugr Holes across the realms
  • Miklimunnr – Found at The Applecore in Svartlefheim
  • Ormstunga – Found at the Alberich Hollow in Svartlefheim
  • Stinnr and Strekr – Found at The Barrens in Alfheim
  • Frost Phantom – Found at The Forbidden Sands in Alfheim
  • Blatonn – Found in The Abandoned Village in Vanaheim
  • Egil The Oath Guard – Found in The Crater in Vanaheim
  • Vali The Oath Guard – Found in The Plains in Vanaheim
  • Jorgen The Oath Guard – Found in The Plains in Vanaheim
  • Visi Haglkorn – Found in the Lake of Nine in Midgard

This guide is currently a work in progress as God of War Ragnarok is an extremely big game. So, we are still wrapping up the final few bosses and finding them. But, once we have them we will update this guide. As you can see, God of War Ragnarok packs more bosses into its open world than the previous game, with a number of regular enemies acting as bosses. And, if you thought killing all the Valkyries was a lot all of there are more Berserker locations in God of War Ragnarok, which act as that ultimate boss.

There isn’t necessarily an achievement for killing all the bosses, but it does represent a portion of your full completion of the game. You will most likely find almost all of them if you a doing a completionist run, as well.

So, with all the knowledge of where to find all the God of War Ragnarok bosses you can continue to complete everything Santa Monica Studio have packed into this game. If you are looking for more guides on your way to full completion, our God of War Ragnarok walkthrough has everything you need.