God of War Ragnarok best skills

Are you looking for a few of the best God of War Ragnarok skills? Well, look no further than this article where we take you through out choices across the trees

God of War Ragnarok Best Skills: Kratos can be seen fighting a Wight

If you are looking at the many skills in God of War Ragnarok and trying to decipher what you should be grabbing early on to really enhance your combat power, you are not alone. We felt the exact same when we were playing in the early missions, but to give you a helping hand, we have drilled down and found some of the God of War Ragnarok best skills for all of the skill trees in the game.

Keep in mind, that there will be some light spoilers below for the main story when it comes to Kratos’ companions and the God of War Ragnarok weapons and upgrades Kratos can have. But, there won’t be any major spoilers when it comes to the plot or story.

What are the God of War Ragnarok best skills?

The best skills in God of War Ragnarok are as follows:

  • Glacial Rake (Axe skill)
  • Leviathon’s Fury (Axe skill)
  • Serpent’s Snare (Axe skill)
  • Vaproise Frost (Blades skill)
  • Evasive Embers (Blades skill)
  • Plume of Chaos (Blades skill)
  • Watchful Protector (Atreus skill)
  • Sonic Resonance (Atreus skill)
  • Imbued Assault (Atreus skill)
  • Sonic Echoes (Freya skill)
  • Goddess Focus (Freya skill)
  • Valkyrie Sprint (Freya skill)
  • Malestrom (Spear skill)
  • Phalanx Breaker (Spear skill)
  • Elemental Siphon (Spear skill)

As you can see all of these skills are broken down into the different trees that you can find in the game. First up for the axe is Glacial Rake, Leviathon’s Fury, and Serpent’s Snare which will all boost your ice-power with the axe and give you better crowd control and group damage with the axe, which is its main weakness early on.

Then, for the Blades of Chaos, Vaporise Frost is an excellent first pick, allowing you to better attack enemies who are frosted from environmental attacks or your Leviathan Axe. Evasive Embers adds a strong ranged attack to your dodge, which is handy if you are being surrounded and Plume of Chaos is a late-game skill that caps off your combo with a powerful attack.

When it comes to Atreus’ skills, you will want to wait till a certain story mission early on and then grab the three above which will boost his Sonic arrow power and give him a wide-reaching arced melee attack, which is great for controlling the space around you and hitting multiple enemies at once.

Next up we have Freya’s skills and suggest Goddess Focus and Valkyrie Sprint to enhance her powered-up Valkyrie form. In addition, we suggest Sonic Echoes which boosts her sonic attacks, which are the stronger arrow options in this game.

Finally, we have the Draupnir Spear, which is pretty strong and arguably the best weapon in the game. Elemental Siphon is an absolute must-have skill, allowing you to siphon elements from enemies and then deal that elemental damage back to them. It is incredibly powerful and can save your skin in the tougher fights late in the game or against some of the God of War Ragnarok bosses.

Then, in addition, we suggest Phalanx Breaker which offers a powerful dual-attack and Malestrom which enhances the impact of each attack the more you attack. This is key to playing well with the spear as it is meant to be a fast-but-powerful weapon.

With these God of War Ragnarok best skills recommendations, you can begin developing your playstyle and improving how you use the weapons in the game and comboing attacks with your companions. If you are looking for more combat and gameplay tips, be sure to check out our God of War Ragnarok walkthrough which is filled with useful information.