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God of War Ragnarok best armor sets

If you are looking for the best God of War Ragnarok armor then look no further as this guide has the sets for the early game, late game, and different builds

God of War Ragnarok Best Armour: Kratos and Atreus can be seen, alongside Brok

Having the best God of War Ragnarok armor equipped is key to being able to either complete the game or make it through some of the tougher fights in the main story. But, with so many armor pieces to find throughout the many different realms it can be hard to nail down what will really turn Kratos into the ultimate god of war.

But, to help you out, we have nailed down the top armor sets in this article. But, rather than offer just one, we will touch on the armor you should choose when you are in the early game and those which are best later on in the experience after you have met more characters and approach the game’s ending and secret ending.

Best God of War Ragnarok armor

The best God of War Ragnarok armor sets are as follows for different points in the game:

  • Nidavellir Armor – best early game set
  • Giptumadr Armor – best mid-game set

The Nidavellir armor set is one of the earliest that you can craft and is by far the strongest during those initial hours with the game when exploring Svartlefheim. Initially, God of War Ragnarok’s combat is pretty tricky to get a handle of with some tough enemies and the fact Kratos takes quite a bit of damage.

But, with this set, you are almost entirely focused on vitality bonuses, rather than buffs to Runic or your cooldowns and luck. This helps with Kratos’ survival as you are given more health overall and you regain more. But, the abilities on this armour give a health burst to Kratos once you stun an enemy, which you will be doing a lot!

The wrist and waist armor then reduce how quickly those stun bars drain, allowing you to perform them more often. All of this allows you to regain more health from killing stunned enemies, and also just stun more enemies outright with your own and Atreus’ attacks.

Then, our pick for the mid-game armour slot is Giptumadr’s armor which can be found throughout Vanaheim. While not offering an active buff in quite the same way as the Nidavellir armour, this set boosts your luck chance of dropping a healthstone or ragestone when hitting enemies with a Runic Attack or Relic, two things you should be using more at this point in the game.

The chest armor in this set is a nice bonus, giving you a chance to restore 70% of those two attacks’ cooldowns upon use. With how much you will be relying on these additional attacks later in the game, something like this can be a huge lifesaver if you can use two Runic Attacks back to back.

We are still just wrapping up grabbing some end-game sets and really nailing down the best armor for an offensive and defensive build. But, this guide will be updated in the coming days once we finish off grabbing all the armour in the game.

With the best God of War Ragnarok armor equipped, you can begin taking on some of the tougher challenges in the game, some of the harder missions and quests in the open world, and finish upgrading the God of War Ragnarok weapons. For those tips and more, check out our God of War Ragnarok walkthrough.