Is Ghostwire Tokyo on Game Pass?

When will Ghostwire Tokyo be on Game Pass and what do we know right now?

Three spirits can be seen walking through the streets of Tokyo with umbrellas.

Set in the spirit-filled streets of Tokyo, Tango Gameworks is making a different kind of horror game with Ghostwire Tokyo. From what we have seen so far ahead of the Ghostwire Tokyo release date, the game is a fast-paced, action-focused horror that won't be delivering the typical scares the genre is known for. This unique take on horror has led Xbox players to ask 'is Ghostwire Tokyo on Game Pass?'

Gameplay for the game has previously showcased some frenetic first-person combat, paired alongside some gorgeous colourful visual effects that will light up your screen as you save the souls of Tokyo. Mind-bending environments have also been seen that will hopefully give the game a unique flavour when it finally releases.

Read on to find out more about Ghostwire Tokyo on Game Pass and get some answers to questions like 'when will Ghostwire Tokyo be on Game Pass?'

Is Ghostwire Tokyo on Game Pass?

Ghostwire Tokyo isn’t currently on Game Pass. However, it will most likely arrive on the service when Ghostwire Tokyo comes to Xbox in Spring 2023.

Because of the timed-exclusivity agreement between Sony and Bethesda, the Xbox release date for the game is set for sometime in Spring 2023, causing the Game Pass release of the game to be delayed until then as well.

The Game Pass release for the game will happen, providing that Microsoft is still including their first-party games in the service by the time Ghostwire Tokyo releases on Xbox Series X|S.

There you have it, everything we know about Ghostwire Tokyo’s Game Pass release. While you wait for the game to hit the service, why not check out the full list of Xbox Game Pass games for console and some other upcoming Xbox Series X games.

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