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Ghostrunner 2 release date, trailer, story

Find out when you can play the sequel to one of the best actions games with Ghostrunner 2 release date, as well as what action-packed enhancements to expect.

Ghostrunner 2 Release Date: Jack can be seen

When is the Ghostrunner 2 release date? After the huge success of the first game, 505 Games greenlit a sequel to Ghostrunner back in 2021 and we have now seen it for the first time. Bringing back all the classic fast-paced action and bloody kills, One More Level is hopefully upping their game.

While we still have a lot to see from Ghostunner, the initial trailer is a real showpiece and the exciting part is that we are getting the game a lot sooner than many were expecting. Hopefully, with some fresh new powers and abilities Ghostrunner 2 will make the series feel fresh again.

Ghostrunner 2 release date

The Ghostrunner 2 release date is October 26, 2023, on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. 505 Games unveiled the date on Twitter ahead of the gameplay showcase of the game at Gamescom 2023. Unfortunately, the game won’t be coming to PS4 or Xbox One. 

Ghostrunner 2 release date: The tweet announcing the date, and a Ghostrunner can be seen in an image

But, you can play ahead of release with Ghostrunner 2 beta sign-ups now live, ahead of a big Gamescom 2023 tease. Could we get a release date at the show?

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Ghostrunner 2 trailer

The Ghostrunner 2 trailer is mostly CGI unfortunately. However, we do get a brief tease of some gameplay towards the end. This shows off the familiar fast-paced action, as well as some brand-new powers like a push.

Additionally, we also get a tease of a robotic character at the end of the trailer, who is likely to be one of the main bosses or an antagonist.

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Ghostrunner 2 story

The Ghostrunner 2 story takes you to a vast variety of locations beyond just Dharma Tower. One year after the events of the original game, the people of Dharma Tower are rebuilding, the PlayStation Blog describes. With the Keymaster dead, a power vacuum has developed with more deadly enemies emerging every minute to fill that spot in the hierarchy.

The game will also feature a brand new dialogue system, allowing to immerse yourself deeper into the world, interacting with NPCs that are a part of the Climbers faction, Jack can also talk to in-between missions at a central hub.

Ghostrunner 2 Release Date: A robot can be seen being stabbed

Ghostrunner 2 gameplay

Yes, the motorbike in the trailer was not just for show. In Ghostrunner 2 you will also get to use it to ride about in more complex, open-world-like levels. Cybervoids Sections have also been switched up with movement no longer being limited allowing for more player creativity and exploration.

The studio also promises a host of new abilities and powers, including defending against projectiles and attacks with the block function, allowing for more versatility in the open arenas that can now be approached in multiple ways.

That covers what we have seen from 505 Games’ Ghostrunner sequel. With the Ghostrunner 2 release date planned for this year, it should make it into the best action games list if it holds up to the original, which is excellent.