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Genshin Impact new artifacts for 3.6 have potentially leaked

The Genshin Impact new artifacts could be made for a couple of very specific characters based on their colour scheme, though it is too early to tell.

Genshin Impact new artifacts: Dehya

We’ve not even reached Genshin Impact 3.5, and yet leaks for 3.6 are already starting to appear. This time, it looks like information surrounding the Genshin Impact new artifacts for the upcoming update have begun to surface.

As initially reported on by ‘Lo’ on Twitter, two new, unnamed sets could be making their way to HoYoverse’s hit ARPG when the Genshin Impact 3.6 release date rolls round. So far, that’s all we know, though fans have been quick to attribute their colour schemes to certain Genshin Impact characters – namely Kaveh and Baizhu who are both heavily-rumoured to be joining the Genshin Impact banner in 3.6.

While sets created with specific characters in mind, like Pale Flame (Eula) and Vermillion Hereafter (Xiao), have at times mimicked the aesthetics of their intended users, this is perhaps more of a trend than a set design trope. As such, we’ll have to simply wait until we hear more about their effects to decide who they’re actually for.

Of course, Dehya enjoyers will be hoping that one of the new sets is best-in-slot for her. Based on current beta leaks and theorycrafting, let’s just say Flame-Mane isn’t poised to take a top spot on our Genshin Impact tier list, though we have yet to see her final form ahead of the Dehya banner dropping.

Regardless of the intended user or users, the fact remains that, come 3.6, there’ll most likely be a new Domain for players to move into and spend all of their resin on. We pray for blessed rolls.