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Halloween hits Fortnite with Red Knight and Fortnightmare skins return

It's looking like the Fortnite Halloween celebrations are starting as cosmetics like the Red Knight skin and Fortnightmare skins are showing up in the Item Shop

Fortnite Red Knight Halloween skins store: an image of a red-armoured knight on a dark background

Spooktober is almost upon us and one of the best battle royale games out there right now is starting its’ Halloween celebrations. That’s right, the Fortnite Item Shop is starting to fill up with spooky Fortnightmares skins and costume-based favourites like Red Knight – and there are some fantastic cosmetics to look out for. We know you might be struggling to find Fortnite Chrome Keys in-game, but you may as well search for them as Peely Bone or Hemlock, right?

Well, we think so, anyway. If you haven’t checked out your Fortnite Item Shop just yet, known Fortnite leaker and content creator ‘iFireMonkey’ has you covered. As you can see in this tweet right here, the Hemlock skin, Wichita Axe, Witchy Way emote, and Witchy wrap have returned to the Item Shop after a staggering 333 days alongside the Peely Bone skin. While the in-game event itself hasn’t started, this is effectively the start of Fortnite’s Fortnightmares – and we can’t wait to see what Epic Games has up its sleeves this year.

Alongside this selection of skins and cosmetics, Fortnite players will be able to pick up a few other costume-based cosmetics like the Boxy skin, Boxer skin, Rapscallion skin, Scoundrel skin, and the Gia skin.

We know the goat from Goat Simulator 3 is getting her own Fortnite skin, but James Cameron fans will also be pleased to know that both Ellen Ripley and Xenomorph are still available in the Fortnite Item Shop – and we’re expecting those to be around for a little while yet.

If you’re not out here looking for something a little spooky, then the Fortnite Item Shop has you covered. The complete Ali-A cosmetics bundle has returned after over four months alongside the Ninja cosmetics bundle, the Bugha cosmetics bundle, the Lachlan cosmetics bundle, and the skins and cosmetics related to TheGrefg, Lazarbeam, Loserfruit, Chica, and SypherPK.

When will we see an announcement from Epic Games regarding the actual Fortnightmares event? It’s anyone’s guess, but it can’t be too far away if these spooky skins are starting to appear again in-game.