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Fortnite Pickle Rick back bling coming to in-game Item Store soon

If you missed out on the Pickle Rick back bling challenges in-game, don't worry - you will be able to buy the Fortnite cosmetic from the Item Store soon enough

Fortnite Pickle Rick back bling item store: an image of a human pickle on a blurred background

Following the Fortnite FNCS chrome umbrella leaks, and a rather substantial title update for the battle royale shooter, several trusted Fortnite leakers have revealed that the highly anticipated Pickle Rick back bling cosmetic item will be available in the Fortnite Item Store and buyable a lot sooner than first thought. We know this is undeniably one of the best battle royale games out there right now, and this cosmetic is a little silly, but it’s still a lot of fun.

Both ‘ShiinaBR‘ and ‘iFireMonkey‘, who are trusted sources when it comes to data mining Epic Games’ Fortnite updates, have confirmed that something of a Pickle Rick bundle is coming to the battle royale’s cosmetics store in the future. However, their use of the term bundle might be a bit of a stretch.

As you can see if you check out either of their tweets on the subject, it looks like the Pickle Rick back bling is essentially the bundle. A new Rick and Morty loading screen, which features Pickle Rick and an army of Meeseeks, is also on the way – but, these are largely used as bonus items when it comes to cosmetics bundles.

So, it essentially looks like you’ll be able to get a free loading screen when you purchase the Pickle Rick back bling – something that wasn’t available to players who earnt the cosmetic during it’s time as a free reward. You can find out how they got a free Pickle Rick back bling in Fortnite here, if you’re wondering.

There’s no information available to suggest that players who earnt this cosmetic will get the loading screen for free, but we can imagine that something like this will occur – as Epic Games isn’t opposed to giving players minor cosmetics like loading screens for free.

However, that remains to be seen. There’s no information on when the Pickle Rick back bling will be available in Forntite either. But, we can’t imagine Epic Games will be making players wait too long.

With top pro players discussing how Epic Games can fix Forntite esports and the fact that Wolfiez is on a mission to spice up “stale” Fortnite esports scene, there’s more than enough to discuss between now and whenever the Pickle Rick back bling is made available. You can also find out how to sort out a Fortnite VPN here.