Fortnite Marvel skins fill item shop for Stan Lee’s 100th birthday

On what would’ve been Stan Lee’s 100th birthday, Epic Games celebrate his special day with a massive Fortnite Marvel collection in the Item Shop

Fortnite skins fill Item Shop for Stan Lee's 100th birthday: Thor and Mighty Thor in Fortnite

Over the many years of Fortnite’s success, fans of the battle royale and Marvel have been treated to a buffet of incredible cosmetics, events, and even an entire season dedicated to one of the biggest brands in the world. However, due to Fortnite’s consistent rotations of content, many have missed out on their favourite superheroes simply because Epic Games changes the shop in a snap.

Fortunately, it’s a big day for Marvel fans in Fortnite, as Epic Games have brought almost every single cosmetic back to the item shop, except for those locked to previous Battle Passes or the original Black Widow skin, for example. While it hasn’t been officially announced, it’s clear this is to celebrate Stan Lee’s birthday, where he would’ve been 100 today.

December has been a big month for Fortnite players who love the MCU, as we recently got the core six Avengers from the first film in Fortnite. In fact, those who were missing some of the superheroes to make up this team can now finish it, like Thanos collecting the last of the infinity stones. Also, Thanos has been snapped back into the item shop, alongside a bunch of beloved characters which would take us a while to mention (there’s almost 20 rows of Marvel cosmetics in the store, which I own too many of already).

It’s currently unclear how many days these skins will be available for, considering that they returned in a surprise release. If there’s any you’ve been waiting to come back, now is definitely the best time, as Marvel skins usually return almost randomly, only being seen whenever players pop online for a few matches.

For those picking up some Marvel skins for Fortnite today, it may be worth dropping in at the best Fortnite landing spots to show off your new purchase. You should also make sure to pick up some Fortnite Oathbound Chests to survive longer thanks to the great loot within.