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Your Fortnite Marvel skin collection may get more Fantastic Four you

A new Fortnite Marvel collab could be in the works for Fortnite Season 3 and 4 according to a fresh leak, and I’m praying it’s Galactus time on PS5 and Xbox.

Fortnite Marvel Chapter 5, Season 3 Deadpool Fantastic Four: Thanos next to the Black Panther

Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 3 is just around the corner. Once again, the rumor mill is rife with reported data mines and various other forms of leak-based espionage that claim to see the hit shooter’s cosmetic future. While we’ve only just had a fresh Marvel skin drop, if this latest Fortnite leak is to be believed then we could be in for even more MCU magic this season and beyond on PS5 and Xbox.

According to leaker ‘Hypex,’ not only will more Fornite Marvel collabs make their way into one of the best battle royale games, but there’s a good chance that there’ll be a “leadup mini-event for Season 4,” which they have tagged as “Marvel Season.” Spicy.

Fortnite vets will fondly remember the very first time Epic introduced Marvel to its multiplayer game as part of 2018’s Infinity War event. Since the days of blasting players with the Infinity Gauntlet-wielding Thanos, over 60 skins from the legendary franchise have been introduced. Though we’ve seen a selection of villains arrive outside of the Mad Titan, such as Prowler, Taskmaster, and most recently Hela, the majority of the collab cosmetics so far have focused on Marvel’s litany of heroes. But could we see a fresh injection of villainy in the next wave?

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Considering the upcoming release of Deadpool and Wolverine, alongside some new variations of its spandex-clad protagonists, I expect to see the movie’s big bad, Cassandra Nova, enter the store sometime next month. While Hypex says Deadpool is likely to get the nod, they note that Spider-Man’s Sandman could instead go with the grain considering Season 3’s reportedly sand-based aesthetic.

Though Season 4 will still be very far out from the Fantastic Four’s July 2025 reintroduction, the comic placeholder Hypex notes on the previously leaked 2024 roadmap could, at the very least, herald the introduction of skins for Reed Richards and the gang. The Fantastic 4 are currently absent from Fornite’s ever-expanding lineup.

Most important for this enjoyer of evil, though, is the possibility of Galactus coming to Fortnite. Final Fantasy 16’s Ralph Ineson was recently confirmed to portray the galactic gastronomer in the new movie – casting mogul Sarah Finn is once again cooking on full heat. The Fantastic Four’s most iconic adversary, Doctor Doom, has already had his moment in 2020’s Chapter 2, Season 4, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a new lease on life should the comic image (which itself shows Doom) materialize as more than just a placeholder.

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Regardless of how it all pans out – should Hypex’s latest post prove true – then Marvel fans will once again be eating a three-course meal with all the trimmings over the coming months. With a Fallout collab having already seemingly been confirmed by Epic Games, our pursestrings could be pulled open on a worryingly regular basis. Pray for us.

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