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If you missed the Fortnite Geralt skin, you just might be in luck

The latest Fortnite update is here and it looks like Epic Games is granting players free Geralt of Rivia rewards due to an error with the battle pass' timing.

Fortnite free Geralt of Rivia skin battle pass error: the Witcher 3 skin in the battle royale shooter

Epic Games’ next Fortnite update is here and, as always, there are quite a few new cosmetics on the way. However, if you’re someone who missed out on the Fortnite Geralt of Rivia skin, you might just be in luck. Why? Well, it looks like Epic Games is giving Fortnite fans who didn’t manage to unlock all the Geralt of Rivia cosmetics a free pass thanks to an error with the battle pass quests’ timer.

Yes, you’re reading that right. If you bought the latest Fortnite battle pass – but, you didn’t manage to complete all the quests relating to the Geralt of Rivia skin and the associated cosmetics – you should find that you’ll have all the Geralt of Rivia cosmetics unlocked the next time you jump into this battle royale.

Epic Games hasn’t explicitly confirmed this, but people logging back into Fortnite after the aforementioned update (which is v24.10, if you’re counting) are finding that they’re met with a message in-game and a few new items in their locker.

As you can see below, courtesy of Forntite content creator ‘FNBRIntel‘, it looks like anyone who failed to finish the Geralt of Rivia battle pass quests will receive any remaining cosmetics with the following message:

“Due to the expiration date being inaccurate, we’ve granted you all rewards from the Geralt of Rivia battle pass quests.”

Fortnite free Geralt of Rivia skin battle pass error: an image of the tweet showing what battle royale players should see

Now, it’s important to note that we don’t know if this is something that only battle pass purchasers will see when they drop into Fortnite next, but you have to imagine that’s the case. Still, we should hopefully see Epic Games offer up some confirmation shortly – once the update itself has been fully implemented and the server downtime is officially over.

For now, though, you can read up on why Fortnite fans want a Lydia Tár skin in-game – we can’t work out why – and the latest on the best Fortnite Creative codes following the introduction of Creative 2.0 and UEFN right here. We know the Fortnite Resident Evil bundle is disappointing for Leon Kennedy fans, but the Geralt cosmetics are pretty good. So, it’s not all bad.