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Fortnite Resident Evil bundle is disappointing for Leon Kennedy fans

Ahead of the Resident Evil 4 remake release date, Fortnite has released the Racoon City Survivors bundle, but it appears to be lacking some iconic cosmetics.

Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield in Fortnite

Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield are officially in battle royale shooter Fortnite, as the Fortnite Racoon City Survivors skin bundle grants access to some juicy cosmetics. It’s a great time to acquire it as the Resident Evil 4 remake draws closer, but some fans are already pointing out Leon Kennedy is missing some legendary cosmetics. Leon Kennedy needs to increase his drip game, it appears.

When it comes to the Resident Evil pantheon, Leon Kennedy stands out for dropping the best fits in the franchise. That R.P.D uniform? Perfection. That noir variant? Classy. But developer Epic Games seem to have misunderstood Leon’s knack for fashion, at least that’s what Fortnite fans over on the game’s subreddit think. “A random Ramirez skin can get a jacket but Leon doesn’t for some reason, also where is his R.P.D style?” says Redditor ‘Dramatic_Exchange484’.

The lack of the R.P.D outfit is a point of contention for Resident Evil fanatics, as fellow fan ‘addrnalin‘ says “his R.P.D look is one of the most iconic video game designs out there, Claire’s even in her Resident Evil 2 outfit, but they didn’t give him that outfit….why?”

A random Ramirez skin can get a jacket but Leon doesn’t for some reason, also where is his RPD style? from FortNiteBR

While the disappearance of Leon’s R.P.D outfit is distressing enough, others are eager to see Epic Games reconsider its choices by adding in Leon’s leather jacket from Resident Evil 4.

“All I wanted was the bomber jacket,” adds ‘Xero0911’. Furthermore, the iconography of the jacket feels like a missed opportunity for other players: “RE4 is one of the most iconic video games ever made yet they don’t give him his jacket from that game. It’s going to feel really strange for people who like RE4/Leon and third-person shooters like Fortnite when the jacket isn’t a choice.”

Presently, the Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield skin bundle includes Leon’s combat knife and an Umbrella Corporation-themed glider. Claire Redfield dons her red leather jacket, while Leon Kennedy appears in his decidedly generic tactical gear. It isn’t the first time that Capcom has collaborated with Epic Games either, as other characters from Resident Evil have dropped into the island before. Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine have both received skin bundles – which also gave players the option to wear Chris’s Resident Evil Village outfit.

Will Epic Games drop an additional Leon Kennedy variant in the future? We certainly hope so, but until then, you’ll have to avoid the terrifying Havoc Pump Shotgun Mythic to earn your next dub.