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Fortnite’s new jungle forces Epic Games to unvault a divisive old item

Getting around the jungle in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 isn't exactly fast, so to bring fresh mobility changes, Epic Games is unvaulting this divisive item.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 mobility changes update

Places like Slappy Shores and more remain in Fortnite, but the jungle in Chapter 4 Season 3 is a different beast entirely – and not just because Optimus Primal is here too. Even in one of the best battle royale games out there, getting around this jungle can be a sluggish endeavour in lieu of a Grapple Hook or the sorely missed Spider-Man web mythic. To circumvent the lack of faster traversal methods, Epic Games brings a new Fortnite update – alongside the return of the dreaded Shockwave Grenades.

It’s okay, we shudder when hear that name too. But yes, Epic Games details on the official Fortnite Twitter page that you’ll need to “get ready to bounce around the jungle – Shockwave Grenades are being unvaulted in Zero Build with our v25.10 game update. Additionally, the developer clarifies that it has “been paying close attention to player feedback regarding mobility items, and will continue to monitor gameplay for all battle royale experiences.”

Introduced back in Season 5 in 2018, Shockwave Grenades don’t deal any damage upon impact, but can push players through structures or off cliffs – often resulting in a considerable health depletion. However, many players have resorted to using them as a faster method for getting out danger, propelling themselves away into the distance as the item doesn’t damage its user.

They can be especially annoying if you’re trying to get a decent shot on your enemy, and with no Lock-On Pistol in sight for the jungle, eliminating master builders and agile foes requires your best aim.

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While the current Fortnite season still has traversal options like cars or motorbikes to utilize, far quicker options in item form are yet to be reintroduced. Fortnite Augments  in the previous season such as Aerialist made jumping off high areas a breeze, as your glider could deployed endlessly, reminding us often of Just Cause. Yet, with the arrival of this vast Jungle, some Augments are vaulted to allow new variants time to shine.

Despite Shockwave Grenades leaving quite the reputation with players enduring their wrath, some Fortnite fans are happy to seem return to the game. Ali ‘SypherPK‘ Hassan expresses his admiration for this new update, with one simple phrase for Epic Games: “I love you.”

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