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Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes recruitment guide

Looking for the best Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes recruitment guide? Here is how you can get everyone in the game and bring them into your army

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Recruitment: Dedue can be seen attacking enemies

We know it goes without saying, but one of the most exciting parts of any Warriors game is recruiting the large cast of characters – and, that’s no different in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes. But, you might be sitting there wondering just how exactly does Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes recruitment work? Well, we’re here to help you out.

The base set of characters in-game can be unlocked in a number of four ways; however, in a lot of cases, some of those are easier than others. The Ashen Demon, Byleth, is just one example of this. It’s not always easy to bring one of your favourite Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes characters to your side.

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Recruitment

When it comes to Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes, recruitment is done in a number of key ways – which can vary throughout your entire playthrough. These include:

  • Choosing your faction
  • Use Strategy in some main missions to unlock heroes from other factions
  • Complete the main mission when Byleth shows up and defeat the target they go after
  • Use Renown after completing the game to recruit the post-game characters

While that’s something of a summary of how to recruit every character in the game, you can find more detailed explanations of how to do this and when below:

Choosing your Faction

Choosing your faction at the beginning of the game, whether it be the Scarlet Blaze, Azure Gleam, or Golden Wildfire, will automatically unlock the rest of the heroes within that faction.

It’s that simple!

Use Strategy in some main missions to unlock heroes from other factions

Occasionally, some main missions will let you use strategy to unlock heroes from the other two factions you are not a part of.

These heroes can be purchased using Strategy, which is earned by completing side missions before each of the main missions. So, be sure to clear your map of optional missions before you begin a central story mission.

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Recruitment: Byleth can be seen

Recruit Byleth In A Main Mission

Byleth can be recruited at the end of missions where they show up. These missions are denoted by a card before you begin them that says “Your actions in this battle will greatly impact the outcome of the story”.

Recruiting Byleth is a little different depending on the faction you started the game as. However, the option unlocks during Chapter 10’s main mission.

If you picked the Golden Wildfire, you will need to secure the strongholds in this mission and initiate the lightning strategy. Upon seizing the northwest strongholds, Byleth will change positions in the mission. When she does this, whatever you do, ignore Arval and don’t kill them.

After the bridge is built initially, go to Rodrigue and Alois and Byleth will attempt to return but the bridge will be destroyed. Now, defeat Alois using your powerful units as quickly as you can and you will have recruited Byleth.

Picking the Azure Gleam at the beginning of the game, you will need to complete the initial objectives and defeat Fleche. This will cause Byleth to appear. Again, be sure to ignore Arval’s calls to kill Byleth and the mission you get.

Continue with the main objectives, killing Randolph to finish the mission in its entirety and have Byleth join your army.

Finally, if you choose the Golden Wildfire, you will need to escort Claude across the map and back again. In chapter 10, you will see Byleth while doing this. The game will tell you to avoid killing them. Abide by that instruction and ignore Arval’s calls to defeat and fight Byleth and continue on with the main objective.

While escorting Claude, take one of your most powerful units and move them to the top left section of the map. Once Claude gets back, you will get a new objective saying Byleth is engaging a new enemy. Switch to the unit you just placed in the top left of the map, which is where the unit is and quickly defeat them before Byleth does. This will allow you to recruit them.

Jeralt will also join you, in addition to Byleth when finished, no matter the faction you are a part of.

Use Renown after completing the game to recruit the post-game characters

Renown is a currency that is given to you for completing the main objectives and missions. Upon completing the game, head over to your player character’s tent and you will be able to purchase Rhea, Sothis, and Arval each for 60 Renown.

Renown is not handed out in great numbers so you will need to most likely head into a new game plus to grab all three.

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