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Fire Emblem Engage so popular lead voice actor can’t buy Switch RPG

We know Nintendo Switch owners are excited to play Fire Emblem Engage, but this tactical RPG is so popular that the game's lead actor can't even pick it up.

Fire Emblem Engage lead voice actor Divine Edition: an image of a person crying from the Switch RPG

We know this is something that should go largely without saying, when you consider what we’re talking about, but the new tactical RPG Fire Emblem Engage is a very popular Nintendo Switch game. However, something you might not know is that the very same Fire Emblem Engage is so popular that even the game’s lead voice actor can’t seem to pick it up – but, all is not what it seems.

Brandon McInnis, who’s the male version of Alear in the Fire Emblem Engage voice actors cast (if you’re not clued up on who’s who when it comoes to the Fire Emblem Engage characters), has taken to Twitter to explain just why he hasn’t been able to pick up a copy of the Nintendo Switch game he stars in. As you can see for yourself below, it is technically because Fire Emblem Engage is so popular; however, it’s also the result of over-selling by GameSpot.

Starting with this tweet aimed at the aforementioned retailer, McInnis kicks off a short thread with the following:

“GameSpot just called to let me know that my preorder of the Divine Edition of Fire Emblem Engage sadly won’t be fulfilled because corporate had them selling preorders without guaranteed stock.”

McInnis then continued to explain how he’s getting hold of the game, while continuing to complain about GameSpot’s error and strange practice of over-selling preorders.

“When [GameSpot] originally told me it was delayed the night before release, I got a digital copy instead… Then bought a Divine Edition on eBay from a reseller… It irks me that people gave money to GameSpot believing they’d get a copy of something special to them and were duped.”

Of course, Fire Emblem Engage is going to be a meaningful game – a game to look forward to – for quite a few people; however, we have to imagine it means a little more to someone actually involved with the game’s production. So, it’s hard to imagine just how frustrating this is to find out that you can’t pick up a copy of one of the best Nintendo Switch RPG games out there after spending your time bringing its’ main character to life.

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But, at least it looks like there’s something of a happy ending to this ordeal – that McInnis is getting his copy of the Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition, anyway. We suppose the moral of this story is that players should be cautious when preordering games from GameSpot in the future – as they might end up missing out on them.

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