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Final Fantasy 16 pre-orders, where to buy, platforms, more

With Final Fantasy XVI pre-orders now available, you can secure your copy of the next instalment in Square's legendary JRPG franchise

Final Fantasy 16 pre-orders image showing a character gazing across a beautiful field at sunset.

Fans of the iconic JRPG series will be delighted to discover that Final Fantasy 16 pre-orders are now available. The game was first announced back in the first PlayStation 5 Showcase, which seems an age ago now, but Square have finally put the next instalment in their most iconic series up for pre-order.

So, what do you need to know before you go for any of the Final Fantasy 16 pre-orders? Well, this is the first single-player game in the series to have a medieval fantasy setting in a very long time (although, who knows what twists and turns there may be later in the game) and is a rare example of a Final Fantasy that gives you control of only one character (rather than a whole party). In some respects, it could be called a return to its roots, while simultaneously carving out new territory.

The game will focus on Eikons and Dominants, which are essentially summons and the people who can summon them, respectively. Final Fantasy staples like Odin, Ifrit, and Titan will take the role of these Eikons, and you’ll be able to take control of them in epic battles that completely turn the regular gameplay on its head. Check out our analysis of the Final Fantasy 16 trailer to find out more about what you can expect ahead of the Final Fantasy 16 release date.

Pre-orders are available via the following links:

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