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FIFA 23 fans fix frustrating SBC bug with web app page wizardry

If you're struggling to submit a FIFA 23 SBC via the web app, then we have the solution for you - thanks to some web page wizardry from FIFA fans online

FIFA 23 web app SBC chemistry bug fix: an image of Mbappe preparing to shoot

The launch of FIFA 23 is finally upon us and we can’t wait to get stuck into the latest FIFA 23 trading tips and start putting together our own Ultimate Team squads. If you’re getting a head start on all that with the FIFA 23 web app, you might find that you’re having trouble submitting some SBC squads. Fear not, though, as the internet has provided an easy solution – although, you’ll need to make sure you’re doing all of this on your PC.

Shared initially by Reddit user ‘pmcsaraiva’ and explained in a short YouTube tutorial by Reddit user ‘Organic_Value1416’, the solution is all about tweaking your browser’s JavaScript before submitting your SBC squad.

If the SBC squad you’re trying to submit is being stopped by a message discussing exact chemistry on each player, all you need to do is open the JavaScript console on your browser and type in the following string of bolded text: UTSBCChallengeEntity.prototype.canSubmit = function() {return true;}

If you want to know how to actually access the JavaScript console, then look no further. On Chrome, you need to hit the three dots in the top right corner of your browser and select More Tools, then Developer Tools, to find it. On Microsoft Edge, just hit CTRL + SHIFT + J to access the JavaScript Console. If you use Firefox, you will be able to find this by selecting Browser Tools from the settings menu and then clicking Browser Console. If you’re struggling to do this, there are quite a few tutorials available on YouTube.

How to submit the broken advanced SBCs on the WebApp from FIFA

This, for now, should act as a solution that lets you submit your squad SBC as though the chemistry glitch didn’t exist. You still need to make sure the SBC squad itself is ticking all the boxes, though. So, if you need help doing that, you can find our FIFA 23 First XI SBC solutions here and our FIFA 23 Around the World SBC solutions right here.

We also have solutions for the FIFA 23 Puzzle Master SBC for you here – as that’s a particularly tricky one. Whether you’re hunting for the best FIFA 23 strikers or the best FIFA 23 formations, we have everything you need to know about getting set up for a season of spectacular soccer right here.