When does FIFA 23 web app come out?

Looking for the FIFA 23 web app release date? We've got you covered - here's when you can expect the FIFA 23 web app to come out for FUT

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When does the FIFA 23 web app come out? That’s the question on FIFA fans’ lips at the moment, especially as we near the FIFA 23 release date. Long-time fans know it’s important to get a head start on the FIFA Ultimate Team grind and the companion app is the perfect way to get that start.

The Web app and the Companion app, which is available on all mobile devices, as well as your browser, is usually made available before the game’s official release so that players who have pre-ordered can start opening packs and completing early squad building challenges (SBCs). These challenges, which range in difficulty, reward players with packs, allowing you to build up a nice little pile of coins ahead of the full release.

You might not have enough coins to buy one of the players in the top 100 of the FIFA 23 ratings, but you will have enough – and maybe some pack luck too – to build a decent gold-rated team to take to Divisions Rivals. But when is the But when is the FIFA 23 web app release date?

FIFA 23 web app release date

The web app usually launches a week or so before the game. Last year, the FIFA 22 release date launched on September 22 – five days before the launch of the game.

With that in mind, it’s likely that the FIFA 23 web app release date will be around September 25, 2022.

This is just a prediction at the moment, but we’ll update this date once EA confirms.

So there you have it, an answer for when does FIFA 23 web app come out. Of course, there’s plenty more you can prep for – we’ve got our tips for the best FIFA 23 formations and the best FIFA 23 goalkeepers right here.