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FIFA 23 players find easy ways to get 350k of free packs in FUT

The FIFA 23 Ultimate Team early game is all about getting as many packs as possible, and players have unearthed some easy FUT objectives to grind

FIFA 23 free pack method: Chelsea's Mason Mount in a blue kit

We all want to get some decent players in our club in the early days of any new FIFA Ultimate Team season, and one way to do that is to crack open some packs. Well, FUT players have uncovered some quick and easy methods to get some spicy free packs worth 350,000 coins in FIFA 23.

These packs might be untradeable, but this presents a great opportunity to stock up your club with great players that can either slide straight into your starting XI or be recycled for some tradeable packs in some SBCs, such as Marquee Matchups.

So, how do you get these highly desirable packs? The easiest and quickest way to get three out of the four packs (one Rare Players Pack and two Jumbo Rare Players Packs) is by speedrunning some Milestone objectives. The easiest and least time-consuming way to do this is to head to Squad Battles, and play matches on the lowest difficulty, which will let you completely trounce opponents.

The objectives in question here are Assist 500 (assist 500 goals), Score 500 (score 500 goals), and Finesse 100 (score 100 goals using finesse shots). So, as long as you remember to always have someone setting up each goal to tick off the assists (that means don’t just dribble through teams with a single player) and make sure that the majority of the goals you score are finesse finishes, then you should be able to complete these objectives in around eight to ten matches of Squad Battles. You might get it done quicker, depending on how many goals you can bang in each match (and how much progress towards these objectives you have already from other modes).

The best part about the grind for these three packs is that it can be done solo, similarly to the new FUT Moments mode, which is also a great way of getting some early packs.

For the other Milestone objective grind that can net you a further two Rare Players Packs, you are going to need a friend to help you out.

To get these packs (and some other smaller rewards as well) you’ll need to complete the Bronze Squad Mastery and Silver Squad Mastery sets. These require you to score in and win games using all-Bronze and all-Silver teams.

The quickest way to complete these sets is to partner up with someone and head to FUT Friendlies. One person should allow the other to score immediately, and then quit the match to give them the win. Repeat this until your objectives are all done, then obviously return the favour for your partner.

Reports from players suggest this should take around an hour to an hour and a half to do both the Bronze and Silver sets.

All of this may require a few hours of grinding, and it’ll probably get a bit monotonous, but these methods will net you a bunch of highly desirable packs with a total value of 350k that you can use to bolster your club.

If you sadly don’t manage to pack any nice SBC fodder, check out our FIFA 23 cheapest players guide for the most affordable high-rated players.