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FIFA 23 has a new setting that stops Derek Rae roasting you

FIFA 23 players will find a new setting that can disable "critical commentary" in what appears to be EA Sports' latest move to make FIFA less frustrating

FIFA 23 settings: Real Madrid's Vinicius Jr dribbles with the ball in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 has arrived, and while the first few weeks of a new FIFA game are often joyous and full of excitement with new modes, squads, and gameplay mechanics to master, it can be a frustrating time as well.

Just missed out on sniping a cheap high-rated player off the FUT Transfer Market? Had a dozen shots on target with no goal to show for it? There are plenty of rage-inducing moments to be had.

Clearly, in FIFA 23, EA Sports is making some extra effort so that the easily-triggered can enjoy their time with the game with minimal risk of a destroyed controller. Similarly to how some particularly tilting celebrations were removed from the FIFA series a few years ago, FIFA 23 introduces a new setting that can disable “critical commentary”.

While the majority of FIFA 23’s commentary from the likes of Derek Rae is completely harmless and merely adds to the authenticity and atmosphere, it’s safe to say there are some lines you just don’t want to hear after making a foolish pass or a wayward shot. This setting, which was spotted by Reddit user ‘invuh’, will remove some of those moments.

It’s not clear exactly how many lines this will remove or which exact quips will be disabled. It’s also unclear whether there’ll be some slightly eerie silences to fill. What is certain is that this is a new setting that very few would have predicted to show up in FIFA 23.

While the strong-willed among you may not need to worry about this new feature, those of you with a graveyard of busted controllers may find it useful.

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