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FIFA 23 adds new way to earn Ultimate Team rewards with FUT Moments

FUT Moments is a brand new mode coming to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, bringing you single-player scenarios that you can complete for extra rewards

FIFA 23 FUT Moments mode: A player stands in the middle of the pitch as defenders rush around him

FIFA Ultimate Team is getting a new mode called FUT Moments in FIFA 23, EA Sports has revealed. This single-player mode looks to give more content to those that are interested in more than just the PvP aspect of Ultimate Team, and those who want even more ways to grind for rewards.

FUT Moments is essentially a scenario-based mode that lets you play through certain set pieces in a specific, objective-driven way, often replicating iconic moments. FUT Moments challenges come in sets, or Stories. These are either themed, or focus on the career or history of a certain star player or team. Like with SBCs, some will be present throughout FIFA 23’s life cycle, but others will be timegated so will need to be completed before they expire.

Completing FUT Moments challenges award you with a new currency called FUT Stars, which can be exchanged at the FUT Star Gallery for a variety of rewards. Like the challenges themselves, some of these rewards will be limited time only, so it may be wise to have a stockpile of stars for when the perfect reward finally enters the FUT Star Gallery. Other rewards will be evergreen and available whenever you want to purchase them.

Most FUT Moments challenges will have varying levels of difficulty, with an increasing number of Stars being paid out for each difficulty level you complete.

Although FUT Moments challenges are repeatable, grinders may be a tad disappointed to learn that you won’t be able to keep replaying them for Stars – that means there is only a finite amount you’re able to earn. However, it does sound like a lot of effort is going into this system, so expect plenty of FUT Moments Stories to sink your teeth into, and plenty of Stars as a result.

Early footage of these challenges do look a bit basic, so these may not be the most exciting challenges to complete. However, more ways to earn rewards – particularly if you’re someone who doesn’t like playing others in Division Rivals, for example – is always a good thing in Ultimate Team. With FUT Moments, seasonal objectives, rewards for participation in Division Rivals and Squad Battles, and SBCs, FIFA 23 looks like it’ll be brimming with ways for you to earn new players, coins, and packs that don’t involve splashing real cash.

It’s not just FUT Moments that is new in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team – the mode’s iconic chemistry system is getting a massive overhaul, and there are a lot more FIFA 23 FUT Hero cards to look out for in the new game too. For more Ultimate Team details, check out this Pitch Notes article.