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FIFA 23 Marvel collab leak could bring Fortnite’s flair to FUT Heroes

FIFA 23 fans are still waiting for more details on what’s coming to FUT next year, but leaks suggest that a Fortnite-like Marvel collaboration is on the way

FIFA 23 Marvel FUT Heroes leak: an image of Pulisic and Auba on a blurred Marvel's Avengers background

It’s that time of year again when EA Sports starts to ramp up coverage on the next iteration of its’ football game. Despite the fact that FIFA 23 is going to be one of the last football games from EA Sports to use the FIFA name, thanks to an expired agreement between the two companies, it looks like EA Sports is going to go out with a bang. Why do we say this? Well, new leaks are suggesting that a Fortnite-like collaboration between FIFA 23 and Marvel Comics is coming through the recently announced FIFA 23 FUT Heroes promotion.

Yeah, we don’t know what to think either but, the Fortnite-ification of gaming is alive and well – if this leak ends up being true, anyway. Following EA Sports’ official reveal of FIFA 23, Twitter user ‘Criminal__X’ has shared an image online that they claim is from the official FIFA 23 website.

The image shared is one of the new FUT Hero cards’ designs and the FUT Heroes promotion logo with the FIFA 23 logo and the Marvel Comics logo side by side above it. In the tweet, there was also a link to the FIFA 23 website – likely as evidence – but this image is no longer available. Now, the link leads to an image of the history-making FIFA 23 cover reveal featuring Australian sensation Sam Kerr and PSG’s Kylian Mbappe.

If you want to check out what could be the promotional image for a Marvel Comics collaboration with FIFA 23’s FUT, you can below:

However, it’s worth taking this with a rather large pinch of salt until we know more about it – and see something a little more substantial.

As for the hypothetical FUT Heroes Marvel Comics promotion, there’s a lot of chatter online about what it could entail. In FIFA 22, Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends made an appearance with a selection of cosmetic items becoming available for a limited time. The cosmetics included things like Stadium TIFOs and club kits – something that players could pick up with FIFA Points or FIFA Coins.

While it wouldn’t be outrageous to think FIFA 23 could feature some Marvel Comics inspired cosmetic items at some point, the fact that this leak has linked the collaboration to the previously-announced FUT Heroes promotion has left many thinking that we could be getting player-related items too. We might not see Captain America darting down the left wing, but there’s chatter to suggest we could get an Avengers-esque squad of real-life players with boosted stats for the promotion.

Christian Pulisic as Captain America, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as Black Panther, and someone with ‘magic’ feet like Bernardo Silva as Doctor Strange all seem like plausible inclusions in this rather implausible promotion. However, only time will tell whether this leak is-indeed true and whether it’s going to be limited to cosmetic items or not.

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