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FIFA 23 FUT Centurions Mahrez SBC solutions - how to solve

A new FIFA 23 promo has landed and this time its celebrating centurions like Riyad Mahrez - here's the cheapest FIFA 23 Centurion Mahrez solution

FIFA 23 centurions Mahrez SBC solutions: Mahrez in a Man City kit sprints across the pitch

What are the cheapest FIFA 23 Centurion Mahrez SBC solutions? If you’re on the Centurion promotion hype and you’re looking to snag the Manchester City winger for your Ultimate Team then you’re probably looking at the latest FIFA 23 SBC with intrigue.

The promotion, which is the first one of the new year, looks to celebrate players who during their careers have reached 100 caps, scored 100 goals, kept 100 clean sheets, or made various other century-related achievements. As part of the promotion, this boosted Mahrez is on offer via an SBC set, and could be a great addition to anyone with a Premier League-based squad.

This SBC, which we’ll help you solve below, grants you a special 89-rated card that boasts 88 pace, 86 shooting, 88 passing, 93 dribbling, 42 defending, and 65 physicality. Here’s how you can nab it.

FIFA 23 Centurions Mahrez SBC requirements

You’ll need to complete 3 challenges in order to unlock this special Mahrez Centurions card. Here are the requirements for all of them.

Tactical Emulation

  • Team Rating: 84
  • Min. 1 player from Man City
  • Min. 1 player with 86+ overall rating

The reward for this challenge is a Small Gold Players Pack.

Top Form

  • Team Rating: 86
  • Min. 1 Team of the Week player

The reward for this challenge is a Prime Electrum Players Pack.

Premier League

  • Team Rating: 87
  • Min. 1 player from the Premier League

The reward for this challenge is a Small Rare Gold Players Pack.

FIFA 23 Centurions Mahrez SBC solutions

Here are the cheapest FIFA 23 Centurions Mahrez SBC solutions. You will, of course, burn through your club fodder fairly quickly doing this SBC, so if that’s the case and you need some throwaways, make sure to buy players from our cheapest FIFA 23 players guide.

The total cost for this SBC if you need to buy every player from the Transfer Market is going to be in the region of 280,000 – 300,000 coins.

Here’s how to solve each challenge, according to solutions from easySBC:

Tactical Emulation

This fairly straightforward SBC should only set you back around 30,000 coins.

Top Form

Now the price starts to ramp up a bit – Top Form will cost around 100,000 coins to solve.

Premier League

This is the toughest of the trio, and the most expensive – expect to fork out around 150,000 – 160,000 coins.

As you can see, getting your hands on this special Centurions Mahrez SBC card is going to cost you a pretty penny ahead of the FIFA 23 TOTY release date, but if you have the coins, his stats speak for themselves.