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FIFA 23 Career Mode lets you play hard and party harder

FIFA 23 adds new features to Player Career Mode, including off-pitch activities like throwing yourself a birthday party, buying watches, and investing in stocks

FIFA 23 career mode changes: A group of players wearing party hats and holding balloons

FIFA 23 Career Mode details have finally been revealed, and for those who love playing Player Career Modes and taking themselves from young prodigy to Ronaldo-rivalling goal-getter, you’re going to have to juggle your training regime with party planning thanks to a new personality system that’s influenced by both on and off-pitch activities.

As part of the new personality system, your player will be able to develop (or naturally fall into) one of three types: Maverick, Virtuoso, or Heartbeat.

If you’re a flamboyant and confident player on the pitch who wants to be an equally-big star off the pitch, you’re a Maverick. If you’re dedicated solely to your craft, putting in the graft at training but staying out of the spotlight outside of match days, you’re a Virtuoso. And if you want to be a team player who is also captain material, you’ll be a Heartbeat, as these players are perfect role models both on and off the pitch.

While on-pitch actions will contribute towards these personality types (attempts on goal will increase your Maverick personality, while passes and assists will feed into your Heartbeat personality, for example), off-pitch activities will as well.

New off-pitch activities include visiting injured teammates while they’re in rehabilitation, buying retirement gifts for legends that are hanging up their boots, or even throwing lavish birthday parties for yourself.

This focus on trying to immerse players into the whole life of a pro player also manifests itself in a new earnings system, where you get to decide what you spend your hard-negotiated wages on. Wages can be spent on performance enhancing upgrades, as well as other off-pitch activities or items ranging from donations to local schools through to buying a luxury watch.

You can also choose to invest your wages into other enterprises, such as clothing brands or stock markets. Yes, we promise you this is Career Mode we’re talking about here.

Aside from fancy watches and birthday parties, there are some more tangible and requested updates to Career Mode. For example, you now have the ability to use real-life managers such as Jurgen Klopp or Pep Guardiola with any team you like in Manager Career Mode. There’s a new highlights system that lets you just play out key moments in matches, acting as a halfway point between playing full matches and just simming your way through games. And, the entire interface of Career Mode has been updated, with the goal of getting important information like contract expirations or scout reports of FIFA 23 wonderkids to you much faster and easier.

For a full breakdown of all the updates coming to FIFA 23 Career Mode, have a glance at this Pitch Notes article.

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