FIFA 22 POTM Wirtz SBC cheapest solutions, requirements, and more

Bundesliga POTM Wirtz will make a great addition to your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Here's how to get him

FIFA 22 POTM Wirtz SBC: German player Wirtz in a red and black striped football kit

FIFA 22’s first Bundesliga Player of the Month card is here, and it could be a great addition to your midfield. Young attacking midfielder Florian Wirtz has been crowned the German top flight’s player of the month, and now he has a tasty, 86-rated CAM card that can be nabbed by completing some SBCs.

With 89 dribbling, 85 passing, and shooting and pace stats above 80 too, Wirtz is certainly ticking all the right boxes if you’re in the market for a new attacking midfielder. The German also has four-star skills and four-star weak foot. It just keeps getting better, eh?

What’s more, the SBCs you need to complete to get POTM Wirtz are relatively cheap and straightforward to solve – which certainly can’t be said for the POTM Ronaldo SBC set… So if you want to upgrade that Bundesliga team, POTM Wirtz would be a great, affordable way to do so.

Here are the requirements and solutions to the FIFA 22 POTM Wirtz SBCs.

FIFA 22 POTM Wirtz SBC requirements

The requirements to get POTM Wirtz in FIFA 22 are relatively straightforward. There are just two SBCs to complete, requiring only 84 and 85-rated squads.


  • Minimum 1 player from Bundesliga
  • Minimum team rating: 84
  • Minimum team chemistry: 75
  • Reward: Gold Pack


  • Minimum 1 player from Germany
  • Minimum team rating: 85
  • Minimum team chemistry: 70
  • Reward: Jumbo Gold Pack

FIFA 22 POTM Wirtz SBC cheapest solutions

Here are the players you should pick up to solve the POTM Wirtz SBC without breaking the bank.


The Bundesliga is a pretty cheap league, so you shouldn’t struggle in finding 83 and 84-rated players to bulk this team out. Some cheap high-rated players you could use to bump up your rating include Peter Gulacsi (85), Serge Gnabry (85), Mats Hummels (86), Koen Casteels (86), or Thomas Muller (87).


You could once again make a full Bundesliga team for this SBC too, with the likes of Muller and Hummels ticking the German nationality box. You could also try a Serie A team (which are equally cheap) featuring German left midfielder Robin Gosens. The likes of Giorgio Chiellini (86), Samir Handanovic (86), and Ciro Immobile (87) are cheap ways to boost your rating if you go down that route.

There you have it, the most affordable and simple ways to solve the POTM Wirtz SBC in FFIA 22. This dynamic CAM should certainly spruce up your Bundesliga squad!