FIFA 22 POTM Simeone SBC cheapest solutions and requirements

Argentinian forward Giovanni Simeone is the latest FIFA 22 Serie A POTM - here are the solutions to his SBC set

FIFA 22 POTM Simeone SBC: a view from the stands of a large football stadium in FIFA 22

Unsurprisingly, Argentinian forward Giovanni Simeone has been crowned Serie A Player of the Month for October – and that means he has a tasty POTM SBC in FIFA 22 right now.

It’s pretty good value too. Simeone has an 87-rated striker card with 86 shooting, 87 dribbling, and 87 pace, making him a great creative and quick option up front. With Serie A teams also being strong this year, and links to other Argentinian maestros in other leagues, Simeone will be a very desirable card.

The POTM Simeone SBC requirements are also not too taxing at all, and there are only two separate challenges to complete in his SBC set. For frequent players, there’s a good chance you’ll have most of the players you need in your club already. For those with thinner clubs, the players you’ll need to buy to complete them won’t set you back a small fortune either.

Here are the requirements and cheapest solutions to the POTM Simeone SBC in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 POTM Simeone SBC requirements

Here are the requirements and rewards for the two challenges in POTM Simeone’s SBC set in FIFA 22:


  • Minimum 1 player from Argentina
  • Minimum team rating: 83
  • Minimum team chemistry: 70
  • Reward: Gold Pack

Serie A TIM

  • Minimum 1 player from Serie A
  • Minimum team rating: 84
  • Minimum team chemistry: 65
  • Reward: Small Electrum Players Pack

FIFA 22 POTM Simeone SBC cheapest solutions

While we always recommend checking our FIFA 22 cheapest players guide to help you find affordable solutions to SBCs, here is some more specific advice to solving the FIFA 22 POTM Simeone SBC.


For this challenge, you’ll need at least one cheap Argentinian that doesn’t drag down your overall rating too badly. For around 1,000 coins, you can grab PSG striker Mauro Icardi or Sevilla winger Lucas Ocampos, who are both 83-rated.

From there simply build a high-rated team of the same league to hit the chemistry requirements – Ligue 1 for Icardi, LaLiga for Ocampos.

Serie A TIM

This is a relatively simple challenge, so the only advice here is to head to our cheap high-rated FIFA 22 players guide and build yourself a Serie A team.

Alternatively, if you have the players in your Ultimate Team club to make a high-rated team from another league, do that and just include a single Serie A player as it shouldn’t damage your chemistry.

That’s all for the FIFA 22 Simeone POTM SBC. Hopefully this spritely Argentine will make the difference in your Serie A squad.