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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team free PS Plus pack is now redeemable

If you're a FIFA 22 player on PS5 or PS4 with a PS Plus subsciption, then there is a free Ultimate Team pack waiting for you - here's how you can get it

FIFA 22 free PS Plus FUT pack: A Liverpool player in a red kit lines up a cross next to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team pack art and the PS Plus logo

FIFA 22 was recently revealed as one of the May 2022 free PS Plus games, just in time for new players to get aboard the Team of the Season hype train. However, even if you already own the games on PS4 or PS5, there are still freebies to be had. A free FIFA 22 Ultimate Team PS Plus pack was also on the cards, and now it’s redeemable from the PS Store.

With some of those glorious blue and gold TOTS cards already out there in the wild, players will be wanting to crack open some packs to see if they can bag one for their Ultimate Team. This free PS Pack is perfect for those hunting down TOTS players or simply wanting to start an Ultimate Team squad for the first time in FIFA 22, as it contains 11 players rated 82 or higher. It also comes with an Icon Moments loan player pick, which will let you pick one of three Icon Moments cards that you can use for five matches.

To redeem your free FIFA 22 PS Plus pack, head to the PS Plus tab on your PlayStation home screen, find the FIFA 22 Monthly Game link, then scroll down the game page until you spot the ad-ons (it’s quite a way down, so don’t panic if you don’t see it straight away).

Then, simply select the PS Plus FUT Pack and redeem it. Et voila, you’ve got yourself a tasty free pack for the next time you boot up FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

This should give those that are new to FIFA 22 a much needed boost, while also giving existing players a complimentary crack at pulling a delicious TOTS card.

This free pack offer will expire on June 7. While you’ve got plenty of time to redeem it, make sure it doesn’t slip your mind.

There are also several TOTS players currently available in SBCs, and if you’re looking to pick one up, make sure you have our list of the FIFA 22 cheapest high-rated players to hand so that you can complete puzzles without breaking the bank.