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FIFA 21 could be getting five retro kits

A datamine suggests that five classic kits could be hitting FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Trent Alexander-Arnold looks off-camera to the left in FIFA 21

Retro kits for Liverpool, Leeds United, and more could be coming to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. FIFA dataminer ‘Blade Johnson’ found the files pertaining to the kits in the January 27 title update. As well as the five retro kits, the datamine also found a host of boots and shoes that are being added to Volta mode, a few player faces that are being updated, and 22 updated kits.

Despite the fact that Nathanial Clyne’s face is being added to the game, FIFA fans are most excited about the retro kits which could be appearing in Ultimate Team soon. Combine a stylish retro kit with one of the best FIFA 21 nicknames to flex your team’s superiority in Rivals or Weekend League – just make sure you’ve got the skill moves to back it up.

FIFA 20 saw Liverpool’s iconic 1989 ‘Candy’ kit released into Ultimate Team via a handful of simple objectives, so we imagine EA will follow the same system this time around. Liverpool has another retro kit in this year’s game, but fans of four other Premier League teams will also be happy with the options.

You can check out the kits in Blade Johnson’s tweet – obviously with the caveat that these have been datamined, so are subject to change.

The kits are unnamed in the leak, but we’ve done the legwork and identified them all for FIFA players who aren’t so clued up on their retro garms.

The first kit is a classic Liverpool kit, as styled by Souness, Dalglish, and co. when they achieved their iconic treble in the 1983-84 season. The second set of retro gear is Man City’s 1969 get-up, which comes as a surprise to us as we thought the club was formed in 2008.

Iconic Chelsea, Tottenham Hostpur, and Leeds United kits make up the five retro additions to Ultimate Team. Paris Saint-Germain’s current fourth kit will be added to the game, as well as numerous changes and touch-ups to existing kits.